Family Tree Trailer Brings the Prehistoric Family to Hulu & Peacock This Fall

the Croods Back, but this time on the small screen. Our favorite cave-dwelling family returns with a new series called The Croods: Family Tree. And we have a brand new trailer to watch here. The Croods: Family Tree It will arrive on Hulu and Peacock starting September 23 from DreamWorks Animation, and is one of several new series to arrive this fall.

the Croods Proved to be a huge hit for both the parents and the kids. The box office numbers were huge, grossing over $587 million on a budget of around $135 million. success born a Netflix series is called morning of crudes and a sequel to a movie titled The Croods: A New Age. Despite releasing in mid-2020, it was a huge success, and topped the box office charts for the better part of last year during the entire pandemic.

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Many fans were hoping for a third film, but the franchise went a different path (for now.) the Croods Will return to the world of television in a few weeks. All six episodes of the series will premiere via both Hulu and Peacock, although whether they will all fall at once or week by week is not known.

We know the cast will be the same but the voices we grew up to love are changing a bit. Nicolas Cage plays crude patriarch Grug, Emma Stone portrays his daughter Eep, Ryan Reynolds voices his boyfriend Guy but he’s not signed on to return for this new show When You’re a Major. This is a big downside if you are putting together a television show instead of a movie. However that is not to say that the upcoming series lacks in the talent department.

First and foremost, Kiff Vandenheuvel will take over as Grug for Nicolas Cage, with Amy Landeker replacing Katherine Keener as his wife Ugga. Eli Dixon is the voice of Eep, Artemis Pebdani will play Gran, and AJ Locasio is signed on as Thunk, who covers for Emma Stone, the late Cloris Leachman, and Clark Duke, respectively. We also have Darin Brooks as the new guy, with Matthew Waterson voicing Hope Betterman.

crude family tree poster

This makes Kelly Marie Tran, the actress behind Don Betterman, the only big-screen actor to return in her role for the show. We don’t know much about the story, since then both the families have moved to a big tree and have settled in a tree house there. We know the challenges that an ever-changing world brings, and that will be the focus. As well as how two families have to come together, not only to live but to survive.

The trailer shows a little more about the new living conditions as well as what’s happening in the world around them. Plus, you’ll have to wait until the show’s release to understand more about what’s really going on with The Croods and The Bettermans. In just a few weeks, we will soon see a final trailer for the show.

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