Fall in Puppy Love With the Newest Member of Kylie Jenner’s Family

Fall in Puppy Love With the Newest Member of Kylie Jenner's Family

In order for congratulations Kylie Jenner, Who became just a (dog) mother – again!

On Monday, February 22, The keeping up with the Kardashians The star tried to bring the newest engagement to her ever-growing family on Instagram. Fans found Kevin, An absolutely adorable gray and white bookseller whom Kylie refers to as her “son”.

“Kev, you’re so cute! Kevin! He’s just looking at my slippers,” she said on her Instagram Story. In another video shared on social media, the puppy is seen walking on Kylie’s lap.

And very few people know Kevin, but he just got involved in a particularly pampered lifestyle. Those who have worked with Kylie for years know that she takes her responsibilities as a pet owner very seriously, and to ensure that she is always giving her dogs her best life is.

case in point? In 2018, Kylie built a luxury doghouse for her mengiri, complete with air conditioning and a heating system.

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