Faith Stowers Says She Received Private Apology From Lala Kent Amid Vanderpump Rules Drama

“I want her to know that Mommy did everything to bring injustice to light, which I feel really good about,” she shared. “I’ve put myself in the line of fire, so maybe one day, when he grows up, he won’t have to. I want him to stand up for himself or maybe stand up for his friends.”

For Kristen and Stacey, Faith says that she hopes her former co-stars use it as a tea movement that can lead to good things.

“For me, it’s really something hard for me to move forward. As a Christian, fearing a woman as a woman, I forgive them,” she shared. “For now, I think Kristen and Stacey have a lot to learn and I wish for them. I wish they would educate themselves and really know what is really happening in the world so that they To use his privilege for the good of the world. ” . ”

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