Facial makeup successful makeup and a face glowing

Facial makeup successful makeup and a face glowing

A facial makeup makes your face well, this is the secret to successful makeup and a face glowing, radiant and Gracious. But what is the right range for a good complexion and what actions to take depending on his age to have an appearance perfectly highlighted and appropriate makeup to his face?

How to apply makeup on your face?

Makeup should be applied in a specific order, starting with the concealer then foundation, then blush with a brush and finish with powder which will give the final touch complexion and face shape.

In principle, a foundation corrector is sufficient to remove the light rings. The spell must be one shade lighter than the color of the face. This correction should be applied with care to cover dark circles under the eyes, which significantly improves the appearance of the face. Correctors are designed to tone the skin and should be used before the base.

Particular attention should be paid when applying, especially not to stretch the skin. Not smooth the surface with the cream from the inner corner of the eye outward, but then dabbing lightly kneading the end of the finger, without stretching the skin. When the first coat has dried, another layer just is applied to achieve the desired opacity.

The foundation is the basis of a successful makeup because it is he who ensures the maintenance of it. Before applying the foundation on your face, put a little on hand, and then with the finger pose a point on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead and between the eyebrows. Use to apply the foundation on the surface of the face, two fingers together or a damp sponge (which excess water has been removed).

Spread foundation, the center of the face outwards, and avoid the accumulation of product at the root of the hair. Smooth it from cheeks to the ears, the center of the eyebrows down over the nose, from the chin to the jaw and the neck. Work quickly, carefully and lightly. Mix well around the hairline, on the neck, under the eyes, and behind the ears. Take also the foundation on the eyelids. Finally, blot the face with a clean, dry tissue, pressing lightly on the skin.

The next step is the use of blush that will bring a different touch to your face. Use the blush on the area to blush. This is the part of the face between two parallel horizontal lines, one extending outward from the corner of the eye and the second from the bottom of your nose. Smile and press lightly with the brush on the fatty part of the cheek and gently brush the blusher toward the temple, which draws a slight upward curve. Add a touch of color on the forehead and on the chin. Red cream should be applied to cheeks with fingertips in small amounts and spread gently at your convenience. The blush powder should be used with a brush.

Before applying powder, sponge face lightly with a tissue, especially on the forehead, nose, and chin. Pick up the powder with the puff and press firmly on the front, one area at a time. Remove the excess, by a downward movement to prevent the accumulation of powder on the face at the base of beautiful hair.

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