Facebook launches Avatars, its Bitmoji competitor, in India – TipsClear

Facebook launches Avatars, its Bitmoji competitor, in India – TipsClear

Facebook Avatars, which allows users to customize a virtual framework of their own to use as stickers in chats and comments, is now available in India, the largest market by users’ accounts.

The US firm said it launched Avatar in India on Tuesday as the nation’s second-largest Internet market has more social interaction online amid nationwide lockouts. The company said that Avatar supports a wide variety of faces, hairstyles, outfits customized for users in India.

The launch of Avatar marks a comeback in India against Chinese apps in the country – some of which have faced severe competition for Facebook’s ever-increasing tackles in Asia’s third-largest economy. On Monday evening, New Delhi ordered a ban on Tickcock and about 60 other apps developed by Chinese companies.

The social giant avatars as a clone of Snapchat’s popular Bitmoji were first unveiled last year. The feature, which Facebook sees as an expression tool, aims to turn social service fun, youth, blind communication, and engagement on “more lighthearted”.

Users can create their avatar from the sticker tray in the news feed post or the comment section of the messenger. Facebook has expanded avatars available to users in Australia and New Zealand, in recent weeks in Europe and the U.S.

Millions of companies, including Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, have tried to replicate Bitmoji in recent years – though none has expanded it like Snapchat.

Earlier this year, Snapchat Bitmoji TV introduced a series of 4-minute comedy cartoons with the avatar of users. At the time, Snapchat said that about 70% of its daily active users, or 147 million of its 210 million users, had created their own bitmoises.

Snapchat is preparing to launch its AR glasses, glasses in India. The California-headquartered firm has so far struggled to gain ground in India, where it had nearly 30 million monthly active users last month, according to mobile insights firm App Annie, an industry executive it shared with TipsClear . Facebook has more than 350 million users in India and its instant messaging service WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in the country.

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