Facebook, Google and Microsoft freeze PAC contributions in the wake of Capitol siege

Facebook, Google and Microsoft freeze PAC contributions in the wake of Capitol siege


Facebook is reportedly assessing its political spending practices following the capital attack on 6 January.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Following the violence on Capitol Hill last week, Facebook suspended contributions from its political action committee. And it is not alone among tech companies.

Facebook spokesman Daniel Roberts told CNET, “After last week’s horrific violence in DC, we are withholding all of our PAC contributions, at least for the current quarter.” Roberts said that this does not apply to large-scale political spending.

Google has also made political contributions after the attack. A spokesperson for the tech giant said that it has been frozen on all Netpack political contributions and is reviewing its policies.

AT&T is also evaluating its policies regarding political contributions.

“Our Federal PAC Board staff called a call today and decided to contribute to members of Congress who objected to the certification of Electoral College votes last week,” Network Carrier told CNET.

Short-term home rental site Airbnb also said it was withholding the financial support of politicians who voted against the certification of presidential election results. “AirBNB strongly condemned last week’s attack on the US Capitol and efforts to undermine our democratic process,” the company said in a statement. Airbnb said that when we learn such membership it will maintain our community policies by banning members of violent hate groups.

Axios previously reported that Microsoft is taking similar steps. Historically technical PACs have donated to both Democrats and Republicans.

A Microsoft political spokesperson told CNET in an email, “Microsoft’s political action committee decided last Friday that it would not make any political donations until it assessed the implications of last week’s events.” “The PAC routinely withholds its donations in the first quarter of a new congress, but will take additional steps this year to consider these events and consult with staff.”

Social media companies have President Donald Trump breaks down after a A crowd of his supporters entered the Capitol On 6 January. Between actions: Facebook blocks Trump indefinitely, And Twitter has permanently banned his account. Last year, Twitter shut down its PAC due to the belief that “political influence should be earned, not bought.” The company’s PAC has not made any donations to candidates since 2018 and has donated the remainder of its funds to support non-partisan voter registration activities.

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