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European regulators have questions about Facebook data breeches, the clubhouse adds payments and the SPAC scheme of a robotics company. This is your daily crunch for April 6, 2021.

Big story: Facebook faces questions about data breech

A data breach involving personal data (such as email addresses and phone numbers) of more than 500 million Facebook accounts came to light over the weekend due to a story by Business Insider. Although Facebook said the breach was related to a vulnerability that was “found and fixed” in August 2019, the Irish Data Protection Commission – Facebook’s leading data regulator in the European Union – suggested it was “full facts” in the case Is seeking

Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle said in a statement, “The newly published dataset includes the original 2018 (pre-GDPR) dataset and additional records, which may be of a later period.” “A significant number of users are EU users. A lot of data appears to have been scrapped shortly before Facebook public profiles. “

In addition, it appears that EU regulators may also consider Facebook’s acquisition of customer service company Kasturi.

Tech giants

Apple launched an app for testing devices that works with ‘Find My’ – Find My Certification Assist. Made for iPhone is designed for use by licensors who need to test the interoperability of their goods with Apple’s Find My Network.

Google Cloud Connects with FinOps Foundation – FinOps Foundation is a relatively new open-source foundation that aims to bring companies together in the “cloud financial management” space to set the best cloud and standards.

Facebook confirms ‘testing’ of Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments in the US – the feature will allow the user to scan a friend’s code with their smartphone’s camera or request money .

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

The clubhouse introduced payments so that producers could make money – it’s like a virtual tip jar, or a clubhouse-branded version of Venmo.

Robotic exoskeleton manufacturer Sarcos announced SPAC plans – the deal could potentially value the robotic exoskeleton manufacturer and the vacant Czech company for a combined $ 1.3 billion.

The founders of Hipmunk have launched Flight Penguin to bring back Hipmunk-style flight search – I’ve missed Hipmunk.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

EVs give batteries a second life for stability and mileage – automakers and startups are considering how to reuse batteries before they are sent for recycling.

Will Topps’ SPAC-led debut film expand the bustling NXT market? – Topps and its products are popular with the same set of people who are very excited about creating rare digital items on the exclusive blockchain.

LG’s exit from the smartphone market is not surprising – why didn’t it happen?

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Everything else

GM is positioning a full-size pickup for both the consumer and commercial markets – to build an electric Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck with a range of more than 400 miles.

Putting Belfast on ClearTips’s map – ClearTips’s European Cities Survey 2021 – is a follow-up to a large survey of investors we’ve done in the last six or more months, largely in capital cities.

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