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Facebook confirms that it is testing a new QR code feature and using payment links for use with Facebook Pay to send money to or request money from each other to people in the US. The QR Code feature, similar to Venmo’s QR Code and others, will allow the user to scan a friend’s code or request money from their smartphone’s camera, while a payable link will allow you to publish your payment address outside of Facebook .

Also on Monday, it was first seen by MacRumors, stating that users were being presented with a new “Scan” button in the Facebook Pay Carousel at the top of the screen. When you tap this button, you are launched into an experience, where you can scan another person’s code. The screen displaying the QR code also presents a personalized payment URL in the format of “https://m.me/pay/UserName”, which you can also send to others when making a payment or sending a request.

Image Credit: Screenshot of FB Pay QR Code (Blur for privacy)

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the launch of the feature, but it has been shown as a “test” that is currently taking place in the US

The spokesperson said, “To make payment on Messenger even easier, we have started testing the ability for people to use QR codes and payment links.

Only US users are able to send payments via Messenger at this time, they also noted.

Users who want to send and receive money in Messenger must be at least 18 years of age, and must have a Visa or MasterCard debit card, a PayPal account or a supported prepaid card, or one of the government-issued cards, payment. To use the facility. They have to set their preferred currency in the app to the US dollar.

Facebook first launched its Facebook Pay service in November 2019, which is a way to set up a single payment system that can extend into the company’s apps. However, the service today is not necessarily a competitor to other apps such as PayPal, as Facebook is one of the payment methods currently supported with PayPal.

Currently, Facebook Pay empowers Facebook in many areas of paid experience, focusing on commerce, donations and tipping – such as Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, Buy on Instagram, and for other activities – such as supporting the gaming manufacturer Buying stars for, buying live events tickets, donating to causes and more. Users can also send money to friends on Messenger via the built-in button.

For some time, this payment experience has been different from Facebook’s cryptocurrency wallet, Novi, although one can imagine that in time the two will become more integrated.

Facebook declined to share any more details about the test, including how many or what percentage of users would see the new QR code and link or when the tests began and ended.

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