Facebook buys studio behind Roblox-like Crayta gaming platform – TechCrunch

Facebook buys studio behind Roblox-like Crayta gaming platform – ClearTips

Facebook has been making a lot of virtual reality studio acquisitions lately, but today the company announced that they’re buying something with broader ambitions — a Roblox-like game creation platform.

Facebook shared that they are buying Unit 2 Games, which makes a platform called Creta. Like some of the other platforms out there, it builds on top of Unreal Engine and gives users a much simpler build interface combined with search and community features. Creta has carved out its own niche to pursue monetization paths like Battle Pass Seasons, as well as giving the platform a more Fortnite-like vibe.

Unit 2 has been around for more than three years, and the Creta was launched only last July. Its audience is likely limited by the studio’s deal to launch exclusively on Google’s cloud-streaming platform Stadia, though it’s also available on the Epic Games Store as of March.

The title seems designed for the lightweight nature of the cloud-gaming platform, with users being able to share access to games by connecting other users, and Facebook using Creta to advance its own efforts in the gaming arena. looking forward to.

“Creta maximizes current cloud-streaming technology to make game creation more accessible and easy to use. We are looking to integrate Creta’s creation toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform,” wrote Vivek Sharma, VP of Facebook Gaming, in an announcement post. We are planning to integrate Facebook to deliver new experiences immediately.

The entire team will come as part of the acquisition, although the financial terms of the deal were not shared.

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