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The Facebook-Australia news battle seems to have ended, Android gets an update and Lucid Motors is going public via SPAC. This is your daily crunch for February 23, 2021.

Big story: Facebook brings news sharing back to Australia

Last week, Facebook responded to the Australian government’s proposed legislation requiring Internet platforms to strike a revenue-sharing agreement with news publishers by blocking news sharing and viewing for users in the country. But with the government amending the law, Facebook said it would restore news sharing in the coming days.

Among other things, the amendments are called for a two-month arbitration period before Facebook is forced into arbitration with publishers, and also says the government will consider commercial agreements that the platform has decided with local publishers Before doing whether the law applies to them.

Facebook’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, William Easton, said in a statement that the amendments show “the main concerns about allowing commercial deals that our platform provides to publishers relative to the value they receive from their value Does. “

Tech giants

The latest Android update will let you schedule texts, protect your passwords and more – this update will integrate a feature called Password Checkup to alert you to passwords you’ve previously exposed.

Twitter’s test resumes asking users to modify harmful replies – Twitter is running a new test that will ask users to pause and think before tweeting.

The region is beginning to use Google’s vast reach to scale the 120 HTML5 GameSnacks platform – GameSnacks is an HTML5 gaming platform where titles are bite-sized and load very quickly.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Lucid Motors made SPAC’s deal public with a $ 24B valuation – it would be the largest deal ever between a blank-check company and an electric vehicle startup.

Shippo raises $ 45M more in $ 495M valuation as e-commerce boom – startup provides shipping-related services to e-commerce companies.

Another $ 116M in the Reddit ups Series E round – Redit had already announced a $ 250 million E Series earlier this month.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

According to Kyle Poyer of OpenView, the usage-based pricing model almost seems like a cheat code to overcome the challenges of switching to usage-based pricing.

Oscar Health’s initial IPO price is so high, it makes me swear – Alex Wilhelm doesn’t mimic the words: “Public investors have lost their minds.”

RIBS: Messaging Framework for Every Company and Product – Testing is designed to tell you if your story is memorable, so you can turn it into a compelling message.

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Everything else

Announcing the full agenda for TC Sessions: Justice – Our second-ever dedicated event for diversity, equity, inclusion and labor at Tech is coming on 3 March.

Six Miami-based investors share their thoughts on the region’s startup scene – investors see a huge opportunity to become a major startup hub for the region using their diverse workforce and amazing quality of life.

SolarWinds Hackers Target NASA, Federal Aviation Administration Networks – Hackers have been broken into the networks of the US space agency NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration as part of an extensive espionage operation.

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