Face/Off 2 May Be Next for Godzilla Vs. Kong Director, Sean Archer & Castor Troy Will Return

Filmmaker John Woo’s 1997 action blockbuster To face It has become a cult classic in recent times. The film is the story of the identity of a cop and a criminal, Sean Archer and Castor Troy, who, with their faces individually identified, are often identified as one of the most bizarre premises in Hollywood history. With upcoming Face on / off 2 Being starred by Adam Wingard, the action is expected to kick up a notch. But the story will still revolve around Sean and Castor’s personal life, as the winger recently confirmed to Deadline.

“I’m going to do the next available thing quickly. Maybe Face / Off. 2. When I look at Face / Off, some people have said that if you’re going to follow that movie, It’s about the operation, a sci-fi gimmick. To me, what it is now. It’s part of it and that’s what makes it so unique and fun. But the story is really about the characters. Sean Archer and Castor Troy. The film is a follow-up to him. The story, and what it takes. “

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Whereas sci-fi aims to envision new technologies without actually worrying about its base, of which the face-swap technique is To face It is often criticized for taking too much freedom with how the human body functions. After all, wearing someone else’s face will not mimic your voice or your body type as well. In a previous interview with UPROXX, Adam Wingard It was indicated that this time an attempt would be made to address the mechanics of facial swap in a more concrete manner.

“There are always some ways that you can achieve these kinds of things … We try to find out in this film, because this too is 20 years after the first film. So Face / Off What’s in the world. They can upgrade, and do those kinds of things. So we try to make sure that when stuff arrives, we’re checking those boxes and making sure the address Gone. But at the end of the day, it’s like. .. Yeah, that’s all I’ll say about that, because that’s one of the things. I don’t want to give anything away too far, too soon. “

Of course, what the audience ultimately wants the film to be To face Instead of being surrounded by the internal logic of the story, there is a fun time in the theater. To that end, the performance of the lead actors will likely affect the reception To face Compared to the sequel, they choose the way the facial swap process is introduced.

It remains to be seen whether Travolta and Cage as Sean Archer and Castor Troy will be the main leads of the upcoming film, or whether new, young leads will be used in their place. One thing that fans of the original will not doubt is John Woo’s veteran hand in the director’s chair, which was a key reason for the original’s commercial success. To face. The director’s first quote comes from Deadline, while the second quote comes from Uprox.

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