F. Lee Bailey Dies, O.J. Simpson Trial Lawyer Was 87

world famous criminal defense lawyer F. Lee BaileyBest known for representing OJ Simpson and other high profile clients in his career, has passed away. The lawyer’s eldest son, Bendrix Lee Bailey, says his father died Thursday morning during hospice care in Georgia. Per TMZ, family is also contributing to his death in old age, and his illness was not related to COVID-19. He was 87, passing just a week before his 88th birthday.

Bailey has represented criminal defendants in several high-profile cases, including those of Sam Shepard, Patty Hearst, and Albert DeSalvo. He is best known for representing oj simpson What was considered the “trial of the century” at the time resulted in the acquittal of the alleged double murderer amid much controversy. Also including Johnny Cochran, Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian, the legal team was dubbed as the “Dream Team” of lawyers.

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The famous murder trial was dramatized in the 2016 mini-series The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. Featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. as Simpson, the acclaimed series won the Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series, among others. Nathan Lane played Bailey in the series, with David Schwimmer as Kardashian, Kourtney B. Vance starred as Cochran, and John Travolta as Shapiro.

On Twitter, Simpson posted a video mourning the loss of his “great friend,” whom he also called “one of the great lawyers of our time.” The alleged double murderer also claims that just a week before, Bailey finished a book he wrote about the trial, supposedly with what happened “some facts the public was not aware of. ” Bailey’s previous work as a writer includes a legal novel called mystery, which is about a famous criminal lawyer who is accused of a fake homicide.

After the OJ trial, Bailey’s career saw some upheaval. He was banned in Florida in 2001 and in Massachusetts in 2002 for financial misconduct defending Claude Louis Duboc. When Bailey took and passed the bar exam in Maine in 2009, the state’s Board of Bar Examiners beat him as well. He later filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after owed the IRS millions of dollars for the first time from undeclared shares.

Bailey also had brief stints on television during his lifetime. In 1969, he hosted an RKO TV special conducting a mock trial about the infamous “Paul is Dead” rumor about Paul McCartney. The program only aired locally once in New York City. He also hosted the TV series good company in 1967, in which he interviewed celebrities in their homes. In 1983, when he hosted TV’s Avatar, he again offered another gig as a TV host. lie detector, a show where Bailey interrogated guests who had been polygraph tested.

During his life, Bailey was married four times and had three children; His fourth wife, Patricia Shires, died in 1999. Bailey reportedly didn’t want the funeral, but the family is considering a celebration of life. rest in peace. This news comes to us from TMZ.

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