Eye makeup is an essential element of make-up

Eye makeup is an essential element of make-up

The eye makeup is a crucial element of make-up that allows the face of all women and their femininity in value. Eye makeup well done will have the effect of accentuating the sensuality of sight while keeping your eyes fully expressed. Choose the right eye makeup.

The application of makeup on the eyes can sometimes cause problems with an infection, so it is essential to be careful. Most diseases and eye injuries are the results of the careless application and use of cosmetics rather than due to their composition. It is, therefore, essential to follow the simple rules of cleanliness and hygiene when using eye cosmetics.

Wash hands before touching your eyes seem to be an obvious thing, never borrow or lend any part of eye makeup, Never use saliva or dirty water to moisten the powder. Allergic reactions to eye composition, however, are not uncommon and the solution to this problem is to stop using eye makeup that caused the result by changing the brand or taking a powder of a different composition.

The eye shadow that you choose should flatter and enhance eye color and eye shape. The color of the skin, eye color, and your style of life must be considered when selecting and using eye shadow. It is always important to match the color of the eye shadow with that of your skin and eyes. Whatever the color, it must be well mixed, so it does not affix lines of different shades in the application. And it gives a more natural appearance. In addition to the colors, there are a variety of shapes of eyeshadow.

Eye shadow powder: it is the form of eye shadow most popular because they are easy to apply and control. They are available in pearly and matt textures. The effect is not sustainable, but if you use them with a wet brush, you can get a more profound effect and increase the quality of staining.

Eye cream: They are oil-based or wax-based and are best suited for dry skin and eyes should be avoided on the eyelids with skin.

Stick the eye: This is an eye shadow much faster than cream and allow having the same effects as lipsticks.

Gel for eyelids: These are suitable for oily skin and give a long-lasting effect, subtle and translucent.

Liquid eye shadow: It is also have a lasting effect, but it is challenging to apply because it is difficult to get a color swatch regularly.

The eyeliner and Kohl are the things most used for eye makeup. It can accentuate the eye, change its shape and size, and make eyelashes thicker and lushes. A skillful application of eyeliner can even help create the illusion of more widely spaced eyes, thus fix and give a better balance to the entire face. The eyes draw the eyeliners that are particularly attractive with their vibrant colors deep, in agreement with the eye shadows used.

The type of cake before the lining was somewhat replaced by liquids and pencils. Liquid coatings are sold in bottles, with a separate brush or in small units with the brush built into the cap. The product may be water-based, in which case it may be moistened with water or alcohol-based.

The eyeliner allows creating a fine line and regularly designed, not fluff or drool. Using eyeliner is a personal choice. Some use it to highlight the upper eyelid or just below the eye and on the other two. The eyeliner should be applied before eye shadow for blending makeup to have a uniform. The errors can be corrected with a cotton swab.

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