Eye Makeup and Beauty Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup and Beauty Makeup Tips

 Eye Makeup and Beauty Makeup Tips

The eye makeup is full of possibilities for your imagination. You can play with colors, shapes and find the makeup and adapted to the color and shape of your eyes. The purpose of eye makeup for Event is to highlight your eyes. Anyway, do a makeup that looks nice and kills.

Side colors usually lean to darker shades that are for the day (gray, brown, black etc…) Evening is glamorous and trendy if you use Dark glitter, gold, and silver, anything that shines. Dark red, black, colors certainly more traditional but timeless!

Rhinestones, sequins, makeup Eve allows all eccentricities! So do not hesitate at least once in the year that dare not let you do the rest of the year.

Classical glamorous makeup or makeup, discover how to make your video makeup parties.

For makeup, use glitter or opalescent colors. To fill the eyes on the top eyelid, add glitter to brighten your look all night. Preferred colors depend on your complexion and the color of your hair. Makeup blondes do not try the same as that of brown.

Use a kohl pencil liner or iridescent, for a glamorous look and you can opt for the smoky-eyes which intensifies the look.

For mascara, choose the rather dark. The black will be perfect, no matter the color of your eyes. You can show more original opting for unexpected colors like gold, silver or glittery. For an intense look, the latest trend is the fake eyelashes. They help lengthen your look so much sharper than conventional mascara. Stunning effects are guaranteed!

There is no doubt that the cell phone is really convenient and must for today’s world. It provides a safety net basis, the possibility of instant communication with others – and with emergency services – in case of need. But it poses a tremendous health hazards and a security preach when we are hyper connected for a long such periods. Rather than falling into panic “And if …” stay connected on the few following concerns regarding the use of cell phones and health.

In fact, your cell phone is not a phone. It is a radio transceiver that emits radiation at low power. Cell phones are glued against our ears, our cheeks and neck exposed us very close to a field of radio waves. Holding a radio receiver near our head exposes us there to enough radiation to cause tumors or cancer.

At present, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that it is unlikely that exposure to radiation from cell phones “to induce or promote the development of cancer.” The WHO considers a significant amount of scientific research on the subject, but the report was not released till early 2010.

It is difficult to measure the impact of exposure to cell phones since some cancers have more than 10 years to develop and statistics on the use of cell that have exploded in recent years. Some recent research, however, managed to identify users over 10 years and have established a possible association with tumors and brain cancer. The heat generated by the cell and the proximity of radio frequency energy were suspected as being the cause of tumors of the head and neck and salivary glands. Despite inconclusive, many health experts encourage the precautionary principle.

The popular sayings “prevention is better than cure” applies especially to children who use a cell phone. A child whose brain is still developing, whose tissues are softer and thinner thickness of the skull, may indeed be more exposed to the penetration of radiation than adults. This coupled with the fact that children nowadays tend to use their cell phone and still growing, and more and more young people, health risk, if any, could increase. There is not yet conclusive evidence on the dangers of cell phones and children’s health, but many researchers recommend limited use of this device as a precaution.

It is hardly surprising that many states in the United States have banned the use of cell phones while driving: the act of driving by talking with their cell phone may have consequences as serious as driving while intoxicated. And this is true whether the cellular hand or method supposedly safer hands free. It appears that the lack of attention can be a bigger problem than not having his hands on the wheel. You are caught in a telephone conversation; your attention is divided between listening, formulating your answers, talking and the road ahead.

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