EVO 2020 Canceled After Abuse Allegations Against Co-Founder

EVO 2020 Canceled After Abuse Allegations Against Co-Founder

The EVO 2020 Fighting Game Championship, shifting to an online tournament due to the COOID-19 epidemic, has been canceled following allegations of sexual abuse against co-founder Joey. Magician ”Cuellar.

EVO 2020, which was set to like Mortal combat 11, Street fighter 5 And Tekken ken In an online tournament that should have run for five weekends starting July 4, it will no longer happen after developers withdraw their support.

Mickey “Crackpron” Pham accused Twittlanger of sexual abuse against Cuellar, mostly involving young boys in the 90s, and in 2001 when he was 18 years old.

The claims of Netherlum Studios, Capcom and Bandai Namco to drop their participation in EVO 2020 dragged on the games that would underlie the event.

As more participants also reported that they would no longer be involved in EVO 2020, Qiler published a statement that acknowledged Pham’s allegations.

The organizers of EVO 2020 issued a statement that the online tournament has been canceled, and it is cutting ties with Cuellar while having co-founder Tony Cannon in the role of an acting CEO.

Refunds will be issued to those already paid for EVO 2020, with the organization still promising to donate to Project Hope.

The cancellation of EVO 2020 is the latest result in a series of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that has rocked the gaming industry. Ubisoft, which brought external consultants to investigate allegations against several employees, would revise its editorial department, among other changes, according to an open letter by CEO Yves Guillot. Meanwhile, Twitch has begun suspending the serials amid such allegations, although it is unclear why this is why Drs. The insult was banned from the streaming platform.

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