Everything to Know About E!’s 2020 Emmys Coverage

Everything to Know About E!’s 2020 Emmys Coverage

It would be almost impossible to miss a moment from the Emmys of 2020.

This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, Hollywood’s biggest names will almost come together on Sunday, September 20 for television’s biggest night. One more time, e! The venue for the Emmy Awards is multi-platform coverage on-air, digital and mobile and social.

E! Maven herself the red carpet Giuliana rancic Will join Vivika a. Fox For e! Live from Red Carpet: The 2020 Emmy Awards. Overnight, Ransick and Fox are slated to speak with TV’s shining stars and the night’s big nominees.

We are speaking on countless occasions for fun and authentic interviews and spontaneous, albeit virtual moments. Rancic and Fox will join E! Style reporter Brad gorski, Pop culture expert Naz Perez And the rundown The host Erin Lim.

Stops with extensive coverage I! Red Carpet Countdown: The 2020 Emmy Awards 4:30 pm ET / 1: 30 pm PT.

This special, which will go live from the Universal lot, will feature Gorski, Night popOf Nina Parker And primetime Emmy-nominated actress Louvrene Cox Because they discuss 10 anticipated candidates and their biggest moments.

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