Every Time Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Were Couple Goals

Every Time Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Were Couple Goals

Team mcgraw May is one of the most successful artists in the country, but he has one more accolade to celebrate today: his 54th birthday.

The music legend has celebrated nearly half his birthday with his wife of 24 years, High confidence. To say that a country music power duet can be an understanding. The two not only share a combined eight Grammy Awards among themselves, but they are proud of their three daughters: Gracie, 23. Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19.

Last year, Tim jokingly said that he feels that his marriage has been 82 years. Like he told E! News’ Erin Lim, “It’s like the dog years, you have to count each year as seven.”

It can’t be an easy feat to raise children, sell records And Take time out for your partner. So, what is their secret to a long and happy marriage? We will let the birthday boy explain.

“As we get older it’s less about big gestures and more about spending time together at home,” Tim explained The people In 2017.

They too are not afraid of the need to take time alone. Aastha explained to the publication, “We both have our daily routines and have our own dressing rooms.” “We each have our own place to retreat so we get time for ourselves.”

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