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Austin-based home lab test kit startup Everwell is significantly expanding its scope with two acquisitions, and a transformation that includes the establishment of a new parent company led by Everwell CEO and co-founder Julia Cheek. The new entity, called Everly Health, will now provide services including population-scale testing through door-to-door lab test kits and education, a US-wide clinic network, telehealth, and a paid-supported / enterprise self-collected lab test.

This is a major step forward for Everwell, who was founded in 2015 (and who was a finalist in the final of ClearTips’s 2016 Defact SF Battlefield). The company has continually iterated on its offerings, expanding its in-house testing for food sensitivity and allergies from reproductive products, and, last year, to the COVID-19 test collection at home.

Everly Health’s business now includes not only that type of on-home consumer diagnostics and personal health education, but also a number of relationships through PWNHealth to health plans, employers, and laboratories across the US with Everly Health Solutions. Will stand up from.

Everwell himself was actually a long-time partner of PNWHealth, which Cheek told me in an interview that the acquisition actually benefits both companies so much. They had been working together for years, and this cooperation only deepened in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“What we found in the last year was that we were collaborating on all these different enterprise partnerships to provide solutions, and so our cultures align well, and our teams worked together Is, “he said. “And we both share the common ethos that we felt the urgent need to help people and save lives, but also the discipline around consumer-friendly and competent care, is grounded in diagnosis.”

Overall, Cheek said that taking out and acquiring the pieces of the puzzle needed to offer a more comprehensive care was partly driven by the epidemic, but it was really only a matter of looking at Avewell’s COVID There was an acceleration of the beginning that began for. 19. Re-capitalized with $ 175 million raised last December, the startup was in a position to take some bold steps to make the most of this time.

“Before the epidemic, but especially during and after the epidemic, we have seen this massive acceleration of the need for consumer-friendly testing services,” she said. “Our business has continued to grow rapidly even after resuming general practitioner appointments, orders of magnitude, an increase of 300%. We sit back and say, because we believe that healthcare is an epidemic in a watershed moment, where we think we really should be able to offer a full-service clinical solution because this whole space. Increases. So it is Everwell as a consumer-friendly brand, but it also requires this large enterprise for home testing, and comprehensive consumer diagnostics. “

The new acquisitions add some complexities to Everly Health’s business, as its Everly Health Solutions also serves many customers who would be considered competitive with Everwell. Chick explains that both businesses have a track record of security and data integrity, which is compliant with HIPAA standards, and says they are installing a strict firewall that will result in “complete data freedom” of Everly Health Solutions, There is no one to be sure The possibility of anti-competitive behavior.

However, companies will share customer experience, design and product resources, and the plan is to create a unified brand that focuses on high-quality customer engagement across the board.

Everly Health has not released financial details of the transaction, but has shared that PWNHealth CEO Sanjay Pingley will play a transitional role at the combined company for some time, and serve on Everly Health’s board. Investors in PWNHealth, which also includes Spectrum Equity, and Blue Cross / Blue Shield Corporate VC Blue Venture Fund, will retain an ownership stake in Everly Health.

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