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Apple is facing a contradictory complaint in Europe, TikTok has a new CEO and YouTube TV has disappeared from Roku. This is your daily crunch for April 30, 2021.

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Big story: Europe charges Apple with antitrust breech

The European Commission has made preliminary allegations against Apple, focusing on complaints by Spotify that Apple’s App Store policies – particularly the requirements around in-app purchases – are anti-competitive.

“The commission has taken issue with the mandatory use of the app’s own in-app purchase mechanism imposed on music streaming app developers to distribute their app through Apple’s App Store,” it wrote. “The Commission is also concerned that Apple imposes certain restrictions on developers, preventing them from notifying iPhone and iPad users of alternative, cheaper purchase possibilities.”

Apple has 12 weeks to respond to the allegations.

Tech giants

ByteDance CFO takes over as new TeakTalk CEO – Eight months after Tickcock’s former CEO Kevin Mayer left the full-court press from the Trump administration, Teaktok has a new permanent leader.

Roku removes YouTube TV from its channel store after failed negotiations – Earlier this week, Roku warned customers that the YouTube TV app could be removed from its streaming media players and TVs, alleging that Google Was taking advantage of its monopoly power during contract negotiations for inappropriate terms.

Computer vision inches towards ‘common sense’ with Facebook’s latest research – a development Facebook has particularly pursued called “quasi-supervised learning”.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Developer-focused video platform Mux achieves uniqueness with $ 105M funding – “I think video is eating software, in the same way that eating in the software world was 10 years ago.”

As concerns over forest carbon offsets increase, Pachama’s verified offset market gets $ 15M – the startup Forest is building the market for carbon credits, which it says is the use of satellite imagery and machine learning technologies Is more transparent and verifiable for.

Heirlume raises $ 1.38M to remove trademark registration barriers for small businesses – turning Heirlume’s machine-driven trademark registration platform process into a self-service affair that won’t break the budget.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Optimism rules consumer trading services in the form of fintech VC spikes and Robinhood IPO looms – but services that help consumers trade need to roll back their model over time to ensure long-term income Can.

Amid the IPO gold rush, how should we value fintech startups? – If there has ever been a golden era for Finitech, it certainly should be now.

The health data transparency movement is giving rise to a new generation of startups – twin conflicts are occurring: a push for greater transparency on provider and payer data, and another for strict privacy protection for individual patient data.

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everything else

The cloud infrastructure market continues to slide in Q1 with revenue of about $ 40B – up $ 2 billion from the previous quarter and 37% over the same period last year.

The second shot is kicking off – a new episode of the Webby-nominated Equity Podcast.

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