E!’s Nina Parker Weighs In on Friends Co-Creator’s Apology

too little too late?

friend Co producer Marta Kaufmann Recently apologized for the lack of diversity on the long-running sitcom, explaining at the virtual 2020 ATX TV Festival, “I wish I knew what I know today … We have always taught people of diversity in our company Encouraged, but I did not do enough. “However, as E! The host Morgan stewart, Nina Parker And Scott Tvedi Latest discussed Daily popAs Stewart put it, “It seems a little late, it’s acceptable.”

Parker was in agreement with Stewart, saying, “I mean, Marta, welcome to the rest of the world’s children. Like, what is he talking about?”

He continued, “I’m sorry, you guys. But like, people are talking about this friend‘starting. The fact is, well, surely, all the whites are out in New York together? It happens. But is everyone in the street white? “

Parker asks Tweedie, who lives in New York, if the city looks “way” friend It indicated, “to which he replied,” It is certainly not so.

Parker went on to express his frustration, especially since he said that Kauffman “has been in this industry” for some time now.

“As of course this is something that needs to be discussed,” she said. “And in fact, especially in black communities, there were people who specifically boycotted friend And Seinfeld Because they felt that they are not represented in these mainstream shows that are based in cities where it is predominantly people of color. “

Parker said, “So, you know, I’m glad people are coming to the party but damn, I hope you bring me a bottle of wine because it’s too late.”

Stewart echoed Parker’s sentiment, stating that these conversations about representation in general “have been taking place for years and years and years.”

“And everyone is now just like, ‘Oh my God’,” Stewart said. “And myself included! I don’t want to pretend I’m not part of that narrative. But it’s really, like, party going on.”

Tvedi pointed out that the whole situation is “a perfect example of a white privileged lifestyle.”

“Because I was watching it when I grew up. I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was a great show,” he explained. “And I never thought, ‘What if there is a black kid watching this show and going,’ What is the world like?”

Parker said, though, “this is specifically how I have felt watching TV in general,” and “the fact that you guys don’t pay attention, and that was the first thing I watched” is something What is required to be a part is the ongoing conversation about race and representation.

“Not only in TV, but talk about work places. Let’s talk about social spaces – you know, when going to a restaurant or bar in Los Angeles,” Parker expressed. “There’s diversity, but sometimes you walk into a place and like you, ‘nobody here looks like me.” And I think those are the conversations we have to have with each other, about how difficult it is that you feel like you’re part of a community that doesn’t recognize you. “

View full Daily pop Discussion in the above clip.

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