Epic New The Suicide Squad Trailer Arrives for April Fools’ Day and It’s No Joke

A few days ago, many thought that James Gunn’s first trailer Suicide squad It was a bit goofy and weird. Has debuted a new trailer for the DC action thriller, and even though it arrives on April Fools’ Day, this is no joke. The two-minute snicker is more serious and epic than that initial first look. There are still a lot of humor and weird creatures running amok. But this latest footage is perhaps more in tune to what the hardcore DC enthusiasts were hoping for. Maybe it could be the label SnyderVerse Cut Suicide squad Trailer? Although its official title is the trailer of Rebellion. And there is a clear reason as you watch the action play out.

Where the first trailer for The Suicide Squad appeared in its entirety with a superhero comedy Harley quinn and the birds of pre, This latest look in James Gun’s DC Comics epic brings more than the blockbuster action and hard hitting adventures we expect from this league of super villains. From the first frame of this second trailer, it is clear that we are actually working with an ominous team of bad guys.

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This latest trailer has lots of new footage Suicide squad. We are presented in an explicitly filmed two iterations of the Suicide Squad team, and it is certainly easy to see who is going to survive and die before the end credits. This time, we got to see Nathan Fillion in action as an action-fall-of-boy. Just know, his name does not disappoint (even though early press material referred to him as TDK). We also get to see David Destelmachian’s Polka Dot Man showing off his powers for the first time, and it is quite sad.

People excited to see Vessel in live action get a really creepy crater here, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s not going to last long. But never fear, the ancestor cradle is of King Shark of Sylvester Stallone, who is rarely seen in this latest footage. But it seems that he is an important member of the team who is really alive. Configuration is not an easy math to explore when watching footage, as some of these heroic villains never appear onscreen together. Vessel and King Shark are two of them who never share the same location.

First trailer that came Suicide squad The R-rated film had a red band look. This new version is brand green, but it is not the same footage that has been recycled with all the bad bits that have been edited. We get a completely different tone and vibe that is clearly on the black side of things. Fauladi Dan’s “Dirty Kam” has been changed here and instead we get a style reinterpretation of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”. “

So, if you were not down with R-rated Dead pool The first trailer for the genre of high comedy Suicide squad, The tamer yet perhaps more explosive new trailer will surely satisfy those who will go to the crying #RestoreTheSnyderCut. It looks like a completely different sequel / reboot which we sold a few days ago. It has to be speculated that the finished film, which will hit theaters and start simultaneously on HBO Max, is somewhere in between the two.

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