Enola Holmes Director Is Aiming for a Netflix Franchise with at Least 5 Sequels

Enola Holmes Director Is Aiming for a Netflix Franchise with at Least 5 Sequels

Enola Homes Has already proved to be another big hit for Netflix, topping the viewership chart just a few days after its release. Apparently, the world-famous explorer, Sherlock Holmes, has a great appetite for the curious baby-sister adventures, and now, director Harry Bradbeer has discussed his eagerness to continue the franchise beyond just a sequel.

“Well, I hope I have the energy for this, yes. It would be amazing. Someone has the energy for this! It would be wonderful to get five more movies out of this scene. I think they do. ‘ Extraordinary stories to tell again, and a period. As you go on, things like that three-wheeled car – which was a lovely thing we found – on some new breach to find our characters, some in early times 20th century on point. Certainly, we get airplanes and the Wright Brothers. Who knows what the other challenges really are coming out of a restless, productive period. “

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Although a follow-up has not been officially confirmed, thanks to the film’s popularity, it’s definitely only a matter of time before Netflix is ​​given the greenlight Enola Homes 2. If nothing else, Bradbir is feeling confident, the filmmaker already has discussions about where he will take Enola next. “There’s discussion there. I really can’t say,” he said. “It would drive me crazy to say that! I think we would like it, if it would.”

In the end, Harry bradbeer Helena would love to give more screen-time to Enola’s mother, played in the film by Bonham Carter, and uncover more secrets from her mysterious past. “I’m excited about the other things she’s going to do,” he continued. “He’s such an eccentric character that we’re going to dig up some more secrets about him. If we go again, there are a lot of issues left in this dysfunctional family. Not just in the country, which is dysfunctional, But also family. At the same time. I think it will always bow in real historical accuracy, about the history of the Constitution and the development of our democracy. And of human rights, not just of women’s rights. I think that’s a lot Itself is a mature scene. You have an adventure film that has something interesting to say ethically, I think that really enriches it and makes it more nutritious. “

Far from the only member of bradbeer Enola Homes With the team expected for a sequel, leading star Millie Bobby Brown recently announced her excitement about the comeback. Brown said, “Yes, there are other parts of the story.” “The story is not over yet. She has not grown up, there is no conclusion. I think she will forever be a girl who is always evolving, but it is definitely more to be shown on screen. Harry and I loved working together. So that’s bound to happen. Harry, we have to send an email … “

Enola Homes The mystery-thriller book of the same name, written by Nancy Springer, is an adaptation of the series. The story recounts the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister Enola, when her mother goes missing, she decides to be a super-settler herself. While fleeing to London, where she sets up the career of an undercover private detective specializing in investigating a missing person, Enola must stay ahead of her brothers who capture and force them to live up to their expectations. Are determined to do. Enola Homes Now available on Netflix. It comes from us.

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