Endgame A-Force Scene Angrily Inspired The Boys Season 2 Finale Beatdown

Endgame A-Force Scene Angrily Inspired The Boys Season 2 Finale Beatdown

With amazon’s dark superhero series The boys, Listener Eric Kripke has not only aimed for the superhero movie cliche, but also the Hollywood culture in general. One of the most entertaining scenes in the season 2 finale features three of the show’s most prominent female protagonists, who literally came out of the Nazi Supervillean. In an interview, Kripke described how Hollywood’s outrage at the hollow idea of ​​feminism as an example in the scene Avengers: Endgame Where all the female superheroes came together not motivated in the scene for no reason The boys.

“A lot of this happened to our executive producer, Rebecca Sonneshine, who came in after opening at the end of the weekend. She was just angry. I saw that, too, and I was like,” he was the most polite, the most opposite – “And he’s like,” Don’t get me started. “He found it kind and I agreed. So that is just a goal for us, a satirical goal. When there’s something really ridiculous in a superhero or celebrity or Hollywood culture, We will. Go soon after that. It’s an easy shot. “

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In EndgameAmidst the fight on many fronts against Thanos’s forces, the all-female superhero in the MCU is referred to as the A-Force, judging improperly to come together for a few scenes, most of them In spite of never. First screen space shared. The scene is often mocked for its token feminism while male characters in the larger MCU continue to dominate.

Still, despite making fun Avengers: Endgame On The boys, And a picture of Homelandor Captain America and Superman, Kripke clarified that he is not really against the MCU.

“People may be surprised to know this, but I’m really a fan of it Miracle Luggage. Filmmaking is often impeccable. I really enjoy the fun accents that a lot of them have been written. They are raucous and quick and luxurious and I like that style. My issue with them is not the films themselves, but overall a lot of them are films. “

Superhero films have thought of taking pop culture to an alarming extent, making it difficult to make films in any other genre, one that has been doing the rounds of the entertainment industry for a few years. As for Kripke, his problem with superhero films is not based on their relative artistic qualities, but the kind of authority figures he glorifies:

“I believe it’s dangerous, it’s not overstating or overdramatic, but it’s a little dangerous to train an entire generation to wait for you to try and save you. I think you trump Like how they end up with people. Populists who say, “I’m the only person who can come in, it’s going to be me.” And I think the way pop-culture conditions people is subtle Form, I think it’s conditioning them the wrong way – because there’s still about it. So I think it’s a corrective, at least one of us is younger, to say , “They are not coming to save you. Hold your family together and protect yourself. “

The news first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter.

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