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SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk Says that after completing its first human launch, the next generation of spacecraft starships will be developed with the company’s primary focus. According to an internal email seen by CNBC, Musk said that the starship is a task for the company, with the exception of ensuring that everything goes well with the upcoming return of the Crew Dragon capsule from the International Space Station, which NASA will take astronomers. Doug Hurley and Bob Bacon on their homeward bound trip.

Spaceships have evolved in spacecraft The production and testing site in Boca Chica, Texas, by 2019, and was originally being developed by a second team in parallel in Florida. SpaceX combined efforts and focused prototype builds in Texas late last year and built several starship prototypes using a model of rapid iteration.

The spacecraft is designed to be a fully reusable vehicle that can support both crew and cargo configurations, and that can travel to deep space sites including Earth and orbit and the Moon and Mars , When the upcoming SpaceX Super Heavy Rocket will be paired with the rocket. SpaceX eventually wants to replace both the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy with the starship, reducing costs by integrating its production lines and offering complete reusability.

Thus, the development of the starship has faced many challenges so far. After the initial successful testing of the Raptor engine, which will power it, SpaceX is building full-scale test vehicles, using a sub-prototype called ‘Starhopper’, but each of them has so far been subject to some failure during testing. Victims have been killed, either in the fuel compartment during its pressure test, or, more recently, immediately after the static fire test of its engine. SpaceX is now assembling the fifth prototype SN5 of the starship – to continue its testing – while the SN6 and SN7 are also under construction.

Musk says in an email seen by CNBC that SpaceX employees should “consider spending significant time” at their Boca Chica development site to help with vehicle development. The company now has a little more time pressure for the development of the starship, as it was selected as one of three suppliers for NASA’s human lunar lander contracts, with the starship intended for NASA’s lunar entrance to astronauts The last mile to be taken was to act as a transportation system. lunar surface.

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