Elon Musk officially hits the brakes on Tesla Model S Plaid+ – ClearTips

Tesla CEO Elon has officially and publicly quashed plans to produce the Model S Plaid+, a supercharged version of the upcoming Plaid version of the electric vehicle that will be delivered to customers earlier this month.

Musk’s reason: Plaid is so good there’s no need for another version.

“The Model S will go to plaid speed this week,” Musk tweeted on Sunday. “Plaid+ has been cancelled. No need, because Plaid’s speed is great.”

The Tesla Model S Plaid powertrain can go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, has a top speed of 200 mph and an estimated range of 390 miles, according to the company’s website. The powertrain produces 1,020 horsepower, and the cost of the vehicle starts at $112,990. In late May, Musk tweeted that the delivery event for the electric sedan would be pushed back to June 10 to finish one last tweak. Musk described driving the Plaid, which has three motors to make it feel like a spaceship.

The now-cancelled Plaid+ wasn’t hitting the market until mid-2022. Musk promised that this version would boost performance and range even more. The listed starting price also increased to $150,000. Tesla stopped taking pre-orders for the vehicle on its website in May, prompting coverage and speculation that the Plaid+ would never be successful. Musk’s tweet on Sunday confirms those theories.

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