Elon Musk is teasing Grand Theft Auto V on the Tesla, but how possible is it?

Elon Musk is teasing Grand Theft Auto V on the Tesla, but how possible is it?

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When Tesla adds new playable games to its vehicles’ infotainment system, people start to like it and as time has passed, Big T has become more and more ambitious with the types of games.

First, we looked at some retro games – Atari Games – followed by lighter games like Fallout Shelter. It became more serious with a racing game that allowed you to run and brake with the vehicle’s steering wheel and paddles. Then CEO Elon Musk teased that Tessler was coming to Tesla, though he wasn’t physical, and now he’s talking about Grand Theft Auto V on Twitter.

We have reached out to Tesla for further information, but as of now, we have not received a response, meaning that it is time for some wild speculation. First, we should determine whether Model 3 can also run a game similar to GTA V, and if so, can it do so well to make it fun to play?

Okay, to get started, let’s look at the system requirements for Grand Theft Auto V. Not surprising, since the game was back in 2013, it is very easy to run even on basic hardware. The PC minimum specs are a four-core CPU clocked at around 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, a video card with 1GB video card, and 65GB of hard drive space. Recommended specs are basically double minimum ones.

While those PCs have very high “it will run on a potato” requirements, can Tesla’s MCU2 as found in the Model 3 handle them? Well, based on CPU alone, we would say no. The MCU2 runs on Intel’s Atom E8000-series CPU, which fulfills Rockstar Games’ required count of four, but only runs at 1.04GHz – less than half of what the game wants.

What is not in that account is Tesla Powerful home autopilot computer, As seen in the current HW3 configuration on all Tesla. The question is whether the car’s engineers can find a way to run the game on hardware that might not have been built with that in mind and is a distinct possibility.

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We know that Tesla’s FSD computer will make 72 terflops (one terflop 1 million floating-point operation per second) using both of its AI chips. At the same time, new Mac pro – for example – is capable of 56 Teraflops, meaning that the Tesla FSD hardware is a serious number cruncher. Microsoft rates its Xbox One X at only 12 teraflops.

Despite the abundance of excavations, Roadshow has not been able to determine precisely how the Tesla arcade game is handled by the car, so we cannot conclusively say that GTA V is possible from a hardware standpoint or not. Still, if it is, it seems that there are a lot of other modern games too, with some tweaking by Tesla’s engineers, of course.

If you don’t want to wait for the new game to hit your Tesla, you can check out an app that already exists named Renway that will run the game on your PC at home and have them directly on your car. Will stream on the screen of. You can use a wired Xbox or Playstation controller to play them. This is a workaround, sure, but when you tell your friends that your Model 3 can, in fact, run Chrissy, you’ll only lie.

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