Elektra Lives Again Is the Marvel Movie Zack Snyder Wants to Make

Zack snider Known for his work in the DC universe, but what would he have to do to make a Marvel movie? The filmmaker has revealed that he would like to adapt the story, provided he has the chance and will include Daredevil and Elektra, adopting a classic Frank Miller story from the world of Marvel comics.

Snider cut Justice League HBO is set to release later this year. The filmmaker is making press rounds here and there in anticipation of release. During a recent interview, Zack Snyder was asked whether Miracle The character he would like to make a film with. Here’s what Snyder had to say about it.

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“I’ll choose Elektra Lives again. Do you know that Frank Miller is a comic book? It’s a graphic novel about Electra. Daredevil is thinking about these dreams.” Electra Coming back to life, and it’s really quiet and weird … it’s just cool and beautiful. This is what I would do. Nobody cares, but that’s what I’ll do. “

Frank Miller is responsible for a great run brave Which is considered the greatest in the history of comics. Miller produced the character of Elektra, which became a major character in itself, as well as a major love interest for Matt Murdock. in the 1990s, Elektra Live’s Again I saw Eller telling a unique story that happened after Elektra’s death. Here is a brief synopsis for the story from Marvel.

“Despite the fact that Elektra died in his arms, Daredevil suffers from nightmares and terrible premieres that her former lover — and the world’s top killer — is not only alive, but once again active.”

It is easy to see why this might appeal to Jack Snyder’s sensibilities. Dream sequence A vengeful hero. Dark content. And Snyder has announced his love for Frank Miller’s work in the past. The writer’s work on Batman inspired Bruce Wayne Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In addition, Snyder has stated that he would like to make A. Dark knight returns Film at some point. It is therefore argued that Snyder will also replace Miller’s work with Marvel.

brave In 2003, it was first brought to the big screen. The film featured Ben Affleck in the title role. Affleck would later play the role of Batman for Snyder in DCEU. Electra, as portrayed by Jennifer Garner, appeared in the film, a spin-off film in the headlines in 2005. brave or Electra Were very successful critically or commercially.

While this project is unlikely to happen, in theory, Might it happens. Marvel Studios recently acquired Daredevil character rights. Netflix canceled brave In November 2018 and Marvel Studios had to wait two years to use the character again. Those two years have passed and fans eagerly await the return of Man Without Fear. Whether or not Charlie Cox makes a comeback to see the role remains to be seen. You can watch the full interview from the ComicBook Debate YouTube channel.

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