El-Salvador Elections Result – Who is likely to be declared as Winner?

Nayib Bukele, claimed a landslide victory in the El-Salvador elections with more than 83% votes, extending his dominance over government and his party’s supermajority in the legislature, with official results yet to be announced.

El Salvador Elections Result

On February 4, the country of El-Salvador conducted its 2024 presidential election. With almost 83% of the vote, President Nayib Bukele claimed himself as victorious. In the Legislative Assembly, his party, Nuevas Ideas, likewise won a majority of the seats.

Bukele’s re-election was contentious as the nation’s highest court permitted him to run for office a second time in defiance of the constitution’s prohibition on consecutive mandates. While Bukele’s opponents voiced worries about the state of democracy and the rule of law in El-Salvador, fans of the politician rejoiced at his win.

As the most well-liked and influential leader in El-Salvador’s recent history, he is recognized for taking tough measures against gangs and lowering the nation’s violent crime rate.

The Supreme Electoral Court has ordered the polling places to manually record the results because technical issues with the computerised transmission of the votes have caused a delay in the official results.

But since Bukele holds a distinct and commanding lead over his competitors, it is not anticipated that the result would change much.

Bukele Won Second Term in a Landslide

Bukele’s primary campaign pledge was to uphold his security approach, which decreased gang-related crime and violence in the nation. He also promised to raise El-Salvador’s health, education, and economic standing. June 2024 will mark the start of Bukele’s second term, which will end in 2029.

He has pledged to carry out his security plan and to enhance El-Salvador’s infrastructure, health, and education systems. In order to increase his chances of remaining in office over the present two-term limit, he has also shown his interest in amending the constitution.

While some have hailed his re-election as a sign of optimism and progress for El-Salvador, others have cautioned against the dangers of placing too much power in the hands of one individual.

El Salvador Elections Result

When will officials Announce the El-Salvador Election result?

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) is anticipated to declare the official results of the El-Salvador 2024 presidential election no later than seven days following election day, which was on February 4.

On the other hand, based on his own predictions and exit polls, the current incumbent president, Nayib Bukele, declared himself the victor of the race just hours after the votes closed. Bukele declared victory with over 83% of the vote and a majority of the assembly’s seats.

The legality and openness of the election process have been questioned by his opponents and a few foreign observers, who have asked the TSE to carry out a fair and accurate vote count.

What will happen next?

The 2024 El-Salvador presidential election was tainted by controversy and unpredictability. International observers questioned the legality and integrity of the election when incumbent president Nayib Bukele declared victory with over 83% of the vote and legislative assembly members.

There may be several outcomes for El-Salvador’s future depending on the official findings. In the parliamentary assembly, Bukele will have a resolute mandate and a supportive majority to forward his security plans, economic initiatives, and constitutional amendments if his victory is verified.

The opposition, civil society, the media, and the international community will also provide problems for him as they keep an eye on his adherence to democracy and human rights. There may be legal challenges, social unrest, and political instability in the nation if Bukele’s election is questioned.

The opposition can organise their followers to demonstrate against Bukele’s supposed fraud and authoritarianism and call for a recount, runoff, or fresh election. Along with applying pressure or penalties to Bukele’s government, the international community may potentially step in and arbitrate the dispute.

In any event, the political structure of El-Salvador, its level of security, its economic growth, and its ties with other countries and the world will all be significantly impacted by the 2024 election. El-Salvador’s democracy’s tenacity and the people’s will to control their own fate will also be put to the test by the election.

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