Eijaz Khan: Wanted to be the one switching off the Bigg Boss 14 house light at the finale

Ejaz Khan was considered one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss 14, with many expected to lift the trophy. However, the actor’s journey was cut, as he decided to drop out due to some shooting commitments last month. With former contestant Devolena Bhattacharjee brought in as his elixir, expectations were high that he would return to the finals. However, with his removal, a fortnight ago, Khan’s tenure on the reality show also ended.

Hours before showing the winner to the grand finale of Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz Khan made his incomplete journey, wedding plans with Pavitra Punia more…

This is the finale of Bigg Boss 14 today, doesn’t it hurt?

I should have been there, I deserved to be there. However, life throws its own curves, one just needs to move on. I believe in finding a silver lining for everything. I am very grateful for the love I received from everyone.

Since you must have discussed your return before making the move, have you cheated or disappointed the makers?

I would have been, if there was no quarantine or Kovid-19 involved. I was about to return but there was a small window, and it made no sense. Although I think, even if for a day, I should have been sent there. I wanted to turn off the light on the last day. I made this promise to myself, and lived and dreamed it every single day. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and I have to believe that he tried his best. Why would they have kept my game alive. I’m trying to be positive, but hurt because I really wanted to go, not just for myself but also for my fans. I think I let them down with that not closing. Having said this, I believe it is more about the journey than the destination. And I think I had an amazing one.

When you decided to come out and shoot for City of Dreams 2, you told us that it was because the makers had so much to offer. However, in hindight, do you regret taking the step?

Honestly, this is not the first time something like this has happened, and I don’t think it will be the last time either. This is called professional honesty and I believe it. If I have made a prior promise and the proposal to play Wolverine has also come to me, I would have denied it. Otherwise, I will not be at peace, and greed will never calm down. But if I give it a thought, for my own selfishness, I feel that I should not have proceeded. It was just 20 days, and I would have won it.

However, the last two evictions – Devoleena and Abhinav were quite shocking. Do you think that if you were around, you would have managed to keep the game alive?

With all humility, I think I would have survived at all. I am not saying that I aced the game but I was really true to it. I was not right in the first place, but people were attached to my flaws. And if I was so genuine, why didn’t I believe that I should have won. It has always been to believe that you are the winner and then work backwards to achieve it.

If you were around, who do you think wouldn’t be in the top 5?

I know the answer but I do not want them to feel bad by talking behind their back. But I think Rakhi or Nikki would not have been there.

Do you also think that Devolina has done a good job as your proxy?

I don’t have any idea because I didn’t even have the heart to watch the episode. But I’m sure he must have been good. He was playing the game for me instead of himself, and thus cannot be connected to the audience. And this is a dangerous thing in the house because votes carry you forward.

A section of the audience also feels that the way you treated the media, and called out creatives to create an image for some contestants, caused you not to return to the show.

I don’t think anyone is in kindergarten for behaving like this. The channel created my brand on the show, and if they did, I think they would need serious help. But I really think that is not the case. For me, being overconfident in the media era, well, I am not right and I am not aiming to be either. Everyone of us is sometimes triggered by something, which can cause a reaction. The questions that were coming up were like statements, and I didn’t want to accept it.

You and the holy city are seen in red color. How are things moving forward for you people in the real world?

There’s no camera around, so you know what’s going on (laughs). I think we are both independent, very self-respecting and it has made us stronger together. We have a wonderful understanding but we also have small quarrels. Things are very spicy with a lot of tempering between us. And I think I don’t do it any other way. He is a very good person, and his heart is in the right place. And it is the same for me. Therefore, when two good people are together, it is bound to bring a lot of happiness.

You recently mentioned in an interview that you are planning to get married this year. Any dates in mind?

You know, I’m open to doing the best I can, let’s see how things work. It is an unprecedented time right now, and everything is moving at such a rapid pace. We can all expect the best in times to come.

Salman Khan will announce the winner tonight from Finaly Elli Gony, Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilac and Rakhi Sawant.

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