Eijaz has been the most real person on Bigg Boss 14, says brother Imran

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Ejaz Khan has previously spoken about how close he is to his father and siblings. Thus it was no surprise to see the actor crumbling, as his younger brother Imran Khan entered the house during ‘Family Week’. Months later, the siblings became emotional.

After his journey to the house of Bigg Boss 14, Imran spoke exclusively to indianexpress.com about his experience. Calling the trip something that he will remember for life, Chhote Khan said that it was a very emotional time for him. He was also overwhelmed to see Ejaz after so much time. “Obviously, it was also the happiest time for me because we never stayed away for so long without talking to each other,” he said.

Imran Khan confessed that every time there would be discussion about Bigg Boss, the family felt that it was not Ijaz’s tea. However, the Tanu Weds Manu actor took the project as a challenge, and now his fans are proud to see how he is handling himself. Imran said that the house has become an interesting place for Ejaz, where he is getting to know more about himself. Calling it a great and beautiful journey where he has grown so much, Imran said that the family is grateful and proud of the love that Ejaz has received.

In Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz Khan shows his aggression, emotional side and romantic avatar. Smiling at his brother’s roller coaster stint, Imran Khan shared that Ejaz never shies away from expressing his feelings. He said, “He has been the most genuine person on the show. He is not afraid to be authentic. I know many people feel that he is playing a game, but it is real for him. Also, he is not clever and has a big heart. If he likes someone, he will stay with them for life. He is sometimes misunderstood and called obsessive. But I think he has a passion and commitment to the show, and the work. “

The actor faced a few brief moments in his journey to Bigg Boss – when he molested as a child, and he had an ugly fight with Kavita Kaushik. Noting that it was very difficult to watch that transpire on television, Imran mentioned that the family was really proud of how they handled the situations.

He shared, “It is not easy to see your brother in pain, and not to be. It was painful and not easy for all of us. However, we know that he is mature and the way he pulled himself together after that was admirable. The fact that she talked about it on national television convinced me that she could handle it well. Once the show is over, we’ll talk about him, if he wants to.

Given the limited time he had to meet his brother, Imran Khan shared that he made the most of it. He went to his father’s message stating that Ejaz Khan looked good, and that he should play the same way. He also told his elder brother that his father was very proud of him.

“For me, I just told him to be nice. He can respond to people with love and not just to aggression. Honestly, Ejaz is a very kind person, and I told him to put that side in front. Also, I told him to laugh as much as possible and not be alone because everyone in the house is so good, “he said.

At a conclusion, when asked to choose his favorite other than Ejaz Khan, Imran Khan quipped, “I think I am enjoying watching Rakhi Sawant these days.”

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