Dwayne Johnson Fans Celebrate The Rock on His 49th Birthday

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 49 years old, and fans worldwide are celebrating the Great One’s big day. After dominating the professional wrestling world as the WWE’s biggest stars of all time, Dwayne Johnson Hollywood achieved even greater success when she made the switch to acting in blockbuster films. The popular figure was dubbed as the “Most Likeable Person in the World” this year, which is universally beloved, as seen by the hankering of online tribute posts.

One fan on Twitter says, “Happy birthday my sweet idol, you are amazing and I hope you enjoy each moment of the day.” “Have fun and live. I admire you for your never ending wisdom, good heart and grace. Warm birthday. I will always be with you.”

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Another post wrote: “Happy Birthday to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today! One of the greatest humans on planet Earth, @TheRock! Dwayne, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and love you so much!” God’s blessing!” “

Another fan tweeted, “Happy birthday to TheTheRock’s story.” “For the person who got me interested in wrestling back in the 90s, to give me this perfect gift for working with my adult students. You’re working through and through a legend . “

“Happy birthday one and only @ TheRock,” someone else says. “A true God among men, who makes the world better every day. Continue what you are doing. On screen and from above you sir. You can never read it, but a man has a lot of positive vibes.” Sending that inspires me a lot. “

One tweet reads: “For all their millions of fans around the world .. Check it out .. and you’ll already love The Rock a bit more! @TheRock Wish you a very happy birthday! All the way from India Love! .

Using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayDwayneJohnson, another fan says: “Happy Birthday to the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail-blazin ‘, eyebrows raisin’, all around, Smoke People’s Champion and the most current superstarr … The Rock! “

“I believe today is @TheRock’s birthday,” a big fan posted. “He is the most current figure in sports entertainment, and one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. We also know him as ‘The People’s Champion’, ‘The Great One’ and ‘The Brahma Bull’.”

And WWE Hall of Famer Iron Sheikh posted: “Welcome the joys to our great brother @ As with others we enjoy jathroisis and enjoy the good news of the people.”

This is a good birthday weekend for The Rock. On Friday, it was reported that his NBC semi-autobiographical comedy series Young rock Was renewed for a second season. The series tells the story of Johnson’s childhood through his young adult life in the years before joining WWE. Rock is shown himself in an alternate timeline as the future that he has become President of the United States. Currently, the actor is also working on an upcoming superhero film Black man.

Although Johnson is celebrating his birthday today, let’s hope it’s great for The Rock. Happy birthday, Dwayne Johnson! You can check out several birthday tribute posts on Twitter under the hashtag #HappyBirthdayDwayneJonson.

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