Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says the pandemic forced the company to reevaluate what work means – ClearTips

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says the pandemic forced the company to reevaluate what work means – ClearTips

Dropbox CEO and co-founder Drew Houston, appearing at ClearTips Dysfunction today, said that COVID has accelerated a shift to distributed work that we’ve been talking about for some time, and this New methods will not just go away when there is an epidemic. up.

“When you think more widely about the effects of change to deliver work, it will be felt well beyond when we go back to the office. So we have gone through the one-way door. 1959 This is perhaps the biggest change in the work of knowledge since that term was invented.

That change has inspired Dropbox In the last six months to completely rebalance the product, as the company has seen the way people work in such a dramatic way. He said that even though Dropbox is a cloud service, in his view no SaaS tool was created with the purpose of working in this new way and we have to reevaluate what the work means in this new context.

“Back in March we started thinking about this, and how [the rapid shift to distributed work] enough. It was not really designed. What if you designed it? How would you make this experience really great? And so starting in March we got our entire product road map around distributed work again, ”he said.

He also roughly indicated that the fruits of that redesign were coming down the pike. “We will have a lot to share about our upcoming launches in the future,” he said.

Houston said that his company adjusted well to working from home, but when he had to close the office, he was in the same boat as every other CEO to run his company during an epidemic. Talk came. Nobody had a blueprint for what to do.

“When it first happened, I mean there is no playbook to run a company during a global pandemic, so you have to make sure you’re taking care of your customers, taking care of your employees, I mean there are many people whose lives have been inverted in so many ways.

But as he checked on customers, he asked them for new workflows and ways of working, and he considered that there might be an opportunity to design tools to meet these needs.

“I mean this transition was sudden and dramatic and unplanned as you can possibly imagine, and it’s a great opportunity to be able to shape it and be intentional,” Houston said.

Houston introduced Dropbox in 2008 as a precursor to ClearTips Disrupt, called ClearTips 50. He mentioned that Wi-Fi went out during its demo, proving the dangers of the live demo, but offered words of encouragement to this week’s ClearTips Disrupt Battlefield participants.

Although they are a public company with a run rate of $ 1.8 billion, they went through all stages of startup, got funding and eventually went public, and even today as a mature public company, Dropbox is still evolving And is changing because it is suited to changing requirements in the market.

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