Drata raises $3.2M for its compliance audit platform – ClearTips

Drata raises $3.2M for its compliance audit platform – TechCrunch

A startup, which helps businesses comply with its SOC 2, announced today that it has raised a $ 3.2 million seed led by Cowboy Ventures and is coming out of piracy. Other investors include Leader Fund, SV Angel and a group of angel investors.

Like similar services, Drott helps businesses automate a lot of evidence collection as they prepare for SOC 2 audits. The service’s focus is clearly on running tests against the SOC 2 framework to help businesses prepare for their audit (and to prepare the right content for the auditor). To do this, it facilitates integration with a lot of standard online business tools and cloud services to pull in data regularly. One feature is that it allows you to check your current readiness for an audit through various sections of the SOC 2 criteria.

At the end of the day, tools like the drit are meant to get you through an audit, but at the same time, the idea here is to give you a better idea of ​​your own safety posture. For her, Dreta provides continuous control monitoring, as well as equipment to track whether your employees have turned on all the correct controls on their work computer, for example. Since companies have to renew their certifications regularly, Dreta can help them continuously gather all the data for their renewals, something that was often boring – and quickly forgotten – at first. Manual tasks such as taking screenshots of various settings every month or so.

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The play’s co-founder and CEO Adam Markowitz worked on the space shuttle engine after graduating from college and then launched his own startup, Portfolio, after that program ended. The portfolio, which helped students showcase their work as – you guessed it – a portfolio, was eventually sold to Infrastructure in 2019, where Markowitz teamed up with a group of former portfolio founders and engineers to launch the drama last year Stayed till In addition to Markowitz, co-founders include CTO Daniel Marshalian and CRO Troy Markowitz. It was the experience of the team that companies have to go through the audit process, which is traditionally a draw-out and manual process, due to which they look to build their own solutions.

The company was already successful in signing up many customers before its official launch. These include NetApp, Excel Robotics, Unusual Security, Chameleon and Spot by Vareto. As Markowitz told me, even though Dreta already had customers who were using the service to prepare for their audit, the team wanted to remain in stealth mode as long as it did through its own audit Did not use his own equipment to go. With that out of the way, and the drama gained its SOC 2 certification, it is now set to come out stealthily.

As the number of companies undergoing this type of audit increases, it is no surprise that we are also seeing an increasing number of companies aiming to complete this process. With this, surprisingly, the total number of total investments in this space also continues to increase. In recent months, Secureframe and Strike Graph announced their own funding rounds, for example.

Image Credit: drama

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