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Slack launched a new direct messaging feature, Amazon Web Services got a new leader and we rounded up our favorite Y Combinator startups. This is your daily crunch for March 24, 2021.

Big Story: Don’t Worry About Slack’s New Connect Facility

Slack recently launched the new direct messaging feature Connect, which is designed to enable employees in “more than 74,000 organizations and counting” to “message anyone inside or outside their company”.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s exactly the opposite of what I’d like to see in Slack. However, we have confirmed that the feature is opt-out rather than opt-in, at least at the organizational level.

“[A]An organization’s IT admins can control who has access to the facility, disable the feature for their teams, and monitor all external connections, including Slack Connect DM, “a spokesperson said.” Once this Once the feature is enabled, DMs can be started without the need for additional administrator approval. “

Tech giants

Why Adam Adipsky was made the logical choice to run AWS – Current CEO Andy Jessie announced in an email to employees yesterday that Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky was returning to run Amazon Web Services.

Facebook caught Chinese hackers using fake people to target Uygar people abroad – Facebook takes new actions to disrupt network of China-based hackers who leverage the platform to compromise targets in the Uygar community has announced.

Twitter is exploring the use of Facebook-style emoji responses – the company has been surveying users throughout the month to see how they feel about a broader set of emoji-style responses.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Hooper raises $ 170M and partners with Capital One on a new cardholder travel booking portal – this is Hopper’s second ascension in a year that has been marked by upheaval for the travel industry.

The crypto wallet and exchange company raises $ 5.2M at a $ 5.2B valuation – the company offers a nonstudial wallet, meaning you’re in control of your private key.

Ketch raises $ 23M to automate privacy and data compliance – the startup was founded by CEO Tom Chavez and CTO Vivek Vaidya, who previously founded Crux.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 1 – Our favorite from the companies launched in the first part of the day.

Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 2 – Everything from a marketplace to helping you resell formalwear to a startup that offers self-driving street cleaners.

Ten ProPTech Investors See Better Era for the Residential and Retail Sector After the Epidemic – As soon as the lockdown begins to take off, real estate investors discuss what impact the epidemic leaves.

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Everything else

TC Early Stage Announcing Pitch-Off Startup – Pitch-off takes place on 2 April and will be hosted by you in the true sense.

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