Ten global startups, three round pitching, nine expert judges. This is not a 12-day startup (there are no robot partridges in the pear tree here), this is the TC Early Stage stage off – otherwise known as the two days of TC Early Stage 2021: Operations and Fundraising.

One day yesterday, TC Early Stage was all about priceless how-tos. Today, it turns into a full day of action. ClearTips vetted hundreds of applications to pitch at Early Stage 2021. Now the time for the epic battle has finally arrived, as these 10 paranormal startups throw down their best pitch – live streams to a global audience including investors, press and tech industry leaders.

Each startup gets 5 minutes after the Q&A with its judges. The action starts at 9 am PT, with five startups participating in a round – Noble, Mainstay market, Hello.Health And Fit.

He has to bring heat to impress his panel of VC judges: Marlon Nichols (co-founder and managing partner at MaC Venture Capital), Sarah Smith (partner at Bain Capital Ventures) and Lia Solivan (general partner at Fuel Capital) Belongs to

Round Two begins at 10 pm PT and features FLX Solutions, Nalgenetics, last Game board, Care Gain And soon. They will present their pitches Lucy DeLand (Partner at Inspired Capital Partners), Egosa Omoigui (Founder and Managing General Partner at Ecovici Partners) and Neil Slace-Griffin (Managing Director at TechStar).

Only three startups will make it to the final round, which will start at 11 am. The finalists pitch again – facing a new panel of judges and a more extended Q&A. Who is judging that final round? We tapped Wayne Hesih (Partner at Clincher Perkins), Natalie Sandman (Partner at Spark Capital) and Stephanie Zahn (Partner at Sequia Capital).

Then it all comes down to a standout startup. With global exposure, the eventual winner gets a feature article on ClearTips.com, a one-year subscription to ExtraCrunch, and a Free Founder Pass on ClearTips Discharge 2021 in September.

Don’t forget the value of watching other startup pitches – and listening to the questions that the judges ask them. Expert pitch feedback is invaluable, and you can simply hear some suggestions that you can roll out in your presentation.

Marketplay founder Ashley Barrington experienced a variation on that topic in the TC Early Stage 2020.

The pitch deck teardown was incredibly helpful. Hearing investors respond based on their assumptions and what they see is very valuable. And it was interesting and enlightening to see other pitch decks and how the various founders presented the information. “

The two days of TC Preliminary Phase 2021 will be non-stop pitch action. Grab some popcorn, get comfortable on the couch and tune into the TC early stage pitch-off – the pitch you improve can be your own.

By Jothi Venkat

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