Dolly Parton Says No Thanks for Now to Statue of Her at Tennessee Capital

Dolly Parton does not want to see herself in a statue at this time, asking Tennessee lawmakers to draw a bill calling for the construction of a Dolly statue in the grounds of the state Capitol. Last month, Rep. John Mark Windley introduced a bill to honor Dolly parton With a privately funded statue, citing his efforts as a humanist and his contribution to the state. When she appreciates the effort, the world-renowned country singer does not feel that now is the right time.

“I want to thank the Tennessee legislature for the idea of ​​a bill to build my statue on the Capitol ground,” Parton wrote in a statement released on Twitter. “I am honored and humbled by his intentions, but I have asked the leaders of the state legislature to remove the bill from any and all opinions.”

Dolly added: “Looking at everything that’s going on in the world, I don’t think it’s fair to put me on a pedestal at the moment. I hope, however, that the road is somewhere many years from now or maybe I am gone if you still feel that I deserve it, I am sure that I will be proud as a distinguished Tennesian in our great state capitol. In the meantime, I will do good work to build this great state I’ll keep trying. Proud. “

Recently, Parton also revealed that he had turned down the medal of freedom offered to him by Donald Trump during his presidency on two occasions. She turned down the first offer because her husband was ill at the time, and the next time she arrived at the White House, Dolly could not travel due to Kovid-19 restrictions. Even now, Parton is still unsure if she will accept the award if the opportunity returns in the future.

“Now I feel like I’m doing politics if I take it, so I’m not sure,” Parton explained, making sure he too doesn’t deserve respect.

People are just trying to find a way to give back to Dolly, because she is a way of thank you for helping others. This includes the founding of The Dollywood Foundation in 1988, and from there, starting The Imagination Library to encourage child literacy with a free book for every child every month. He has also been praised for his significant financial contribution to research for the Kovid-19 vaccine. Always putting others first has long been a big part of what makes Dolly so special.

Last year, Parton released his first Holiday album in 30 years, A holly dolly christmas, And in December appeared in songs featuring the album’s CBS Christmas special. She also acted as an angel in the Netflix Holiday Movie At christmas square. Maybe a statue of Dolly in Tennessee won’t go up anytime soon, but it really should happen someday, as we all have to work hard to find anyone who would say she deserved it. Is not. We get this news Dolly Parton on Twitter.

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