DogeCoin hit 60 cents: What’s behind the latest surge

DogeCoin just hit 20 cents: Why that has the internet excited

And the moon.

DogeCoin started as a Parody of cryptocurrency, But Tuesday’s price increase is no joke. altcoin Tuesday hit a record 60 cents, flying past its previous high of 43 cents, though it has now stabalized around 55 cents. Even if DogCoin was just over 60 cents, it is still a new milestone in DogCoin’s Miraculous 2021. Back in January, when each token was priced at around 1 percent, Doge devotees had dreams of striking the coin in their cents.

DogCoin prices started ticking over the weekend. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is Doge’s biggest supporter, and his Cryptocurrency related tweets Lead to a leap in its value. Musk posted a tweet last week referencing The Dogfather and his upcoming hosting gig Shanivari Night Live 8 May.

Additionally, trading platforms eToro and Gemini listed Memicon, expanding their reach significantly. EToro alone has 20 million users, who can now easily buy DogeCoin through its platform. A spike in dogCoin trading has led to issues for the Robinhood Investment App, which said it was Facing problems with cryptocurrency trading, Due to demand.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, then you know Bitcoin and maybe Ethereum. They are the two largest cryptocurrencies, but beneath them is a whole market of smaller ones called “altcoins” – or sometimes, “shitcoins”. These are like the penny stocks of the cryptocurrency world. The utility of the Eutherem blockchain, or the many purposes or claims of improvement, on the basis of which most altcoins are made. Others are “memorable”, which is only due to the rise and fall in popularity because they are funny in a way.

Created in 2013, DogCoin was the first such memorabilia. There are many others, and they are already ready. The one called Meme was launched in August for $ 1 and now trades over $ 2,000.

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