Does Disney’s Cruella Have a Post-Credit Scene?

There used to be a time when you could leave the cinema as soon as the credits started, safe in the knowledge that the story was done and dusted off. Nowadays most people are asking the question whether there will be a post credit scene even before the film starts. Disney’s Marvel movies are moving into the scenes after the credits and making them an expectation rather than an exception, not much to expect from Disney itself Cruella To give the fans a little something extra, and they do not disappoint. Read for spoilers.

Everyone knows that Disney sees the early life of the prequel 101 Dalmatian The villain, and therefore came up with the assumption that it would somehow end with a reference to the animated classic, which received a live action remake in the 90s as Glenn Close as Ms. De Vil. The scene after the credits does it extensively, meaning that in one way or another, we probably haven’t seen Emma Stone’s finale Cruella.

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The film spends most of its runtime detailing Cruella’s life before becoming obsessed with Dalmatian fur. This includes his first meeting with Horace and Jasper, his life choice to become a small-time criminal, and his entry into the fashion world while avenging his mother’s death. However, as the end credits begin to roll, it is logical that Cruella has not become the crazy, villain that is seen chasing the black-and-white puppies 101 Dalmatian. So what happens in the post-credits scene and where exactly to lead?

The scene, which pops up mid-credits, picks up from the end of the film where Cruella discovers that Emma is pregnant with a Dalmatian puppies she received after her arrest from Thompson’s Baroness. We find out that Cruella has sent two puppies as gifts to a certain Anita and Roger, along with a card to introduce them to Perdita and Pongs respectively. We already know that the two dogs will bring Anita and Roger together for a walk in the park one day, which in turn speeds up whose story 101 Dalmatian.

From this scene, Disney cleverly leaves options for himself as to where he might go if he continues with Cruella’s story. They could have made another stand-alone film, which would further develop Cruella’s frenzy as she moves towards all the pantomime villains, because by the end of this outing, she is not yet in that crazy train. The other option would be to go down the path that Disney had previously taken Detrimental, Retailing 101 Dalmatian Taking the story from Cruella’s point of view and potentially the freedom to turn her into another misunderstood character, which was not as bad as she was made out to be.

Reviews for the film have been mixed, with some saying the Stones Cruella Just isn’t scared the way she should, others say there’s something hollow about the film and it’s too much genre over substance, as well as many complaints that the runtime is probably longer than 20 minutes. . There have been a few more positive reviews, most of which have given the film a general acceptance of being “entertaining” and “barking up the right tree”, with some being more compassionate. Cruella Was more believable than its lowly, animated counterpart.

In the end, earnings at the box office will likely be a deciding factor in whether Disney decides to move forward in de Will’s life or leave the story there. Considering the vast number of other characters and films they already have at various stages of development for reboots and remakes, Cruella Perhaps they will have to earn their stripes – or spots as the case may be – before they flag off any further film in theaters or as a special on Disney Plus.

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