Doe Eye Makeup ultra-sexy and ultra-glamorous

Doe Eye Makeup ultra-sexy and ultra-glamorous

The doe eye is ultra-sexy and ultra-glamorous. It optimises the shape of your eyes to create a look more Elongated almond, which is feminine. It is ideal for the first meet! To achieve this, we need a black liquid eyeliner, eyeliner or a cake liner or a gel-cream liner, else a black kohl pencil (for inside the eye), a very light beige eye shadow or pearly metal and a mascara.

First, start with applying Beige eye shadow. Start by using the eye shadow light ivory pearl or white pearl on the entire eyelid by degrading towards the brow bone. The most crucial step is that of applying eyeliner. The trait of eye doe should stretch to the outer corner to create a small hook that will go up at the end. It takes a bit of practice, but here are some tips to achieve this more easily:

-Do not stretch your eyelid unless you have an eyelid mature, because the line will not take the exact shape of your eye, and when you return to the starting position, your line will be uneven.

-Keep a neutral expression so as not to distort your natural features, avoid taking a surprise.

Do you have any benchmarks with an eye before creating the line with the eye closed? When our eyes are closed, you can see how high does the little hook at the outer corner of the eye, which can give a trait that pulls down and therefore look sad. Do not make the line in one fell swoop. It is, in this case, we made the most mistakes. Established as a drawing number and draw several small strokes in each section of your eye. Remember to remove excess eyeliner by brush or felt tip before use. An overflow product can spoil quickly.

The shape of the line should be thinner in the inner corner of the eye and go to expanding outer edge. To do this, press less hard on the brush at the beginning and press harder and harder as you move away towards the outside. If you make small mistakes, try the correction pens eye makeup. This is actually a felt pen that delivers ultra-precise just enough liquid cleansing solution to make corrections and alterations localised.

Using your finger, gently pull your lower eyelid vote down to expose the small section of skin that separates your wet eye on your lower lashes. Then color it with the kohl pencil from the inner corner to the outer edge. Overlap layers of mascara on upper and lower lashes to expand and give expression to the eyes.

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