Doctor Strange 2 Has the ‘Sam Raimi Stamp’ Promises Marvel Boss Kevin Feige

Sam Raimi is already famous in the world of Marvel as director from 2002-2007 Spider Man trilogy, and even more are known for their eval dead franchise, therefore bringing Raimi back into the Marvel fold Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness A light and airy rom-com style film was never going to result. Marvel boss Kevin Feige knows this better than many who served as associate/executive producer on Raimi’s original Spider Man movies, and he’s happy to have Raimi on board MCU Train for the dark and scary addition to the franchise.

“Everything we do at Marvel Studios is from the audience’s point of view, and how do we make the audience feel one way, or how do we evoke emotion from the audience? I really feel like I played Sam Learned by watching Spider-Man movies.” Kevin Feige told Rotten Tomatoes of Sony Pictures Productions. “I was lucky enough to be working for Avi Arad, the former head of Marvel Studios, and just watching. Seeing Avi, seeing Laura Ziskin, the creator of that, seeing Amy Pascal, who ran the studio at the time. And Sam Raimi in particular put those films together.”

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“So now, being in the position that Sam is back in the Marvel universe and working for us Doctor StrangeHis favorite character, which aside from Spider-Man — both co-creating Steve Ditko — is actually quite remarkable and full circle for me personally from my journey at Marvel,” Feige continued. “But really, It’s just exciting to see Sam work again and see Sam Raimi stamp Sam Raimi on Doctor Strange, on the Multiverse, on Marvel.”

Much like Peter Jackson, who went from making and directing low-budget horror horrors poor taste and brain dead To Lord of the Rings and king konghandjob Sam Raimi is more than capable of making mainstream film, but is combining it with his own dark style, and has been responsible for the evil Dead and drag me to HellThere is no doubt that Raimi can bring some disturbing sequences to the table. A glimpse has already been given of what could happen within the multiverse opened by bottle gourdIn conclusion, there are too many dark and sinister creatures that can be brought out of the shadows.

“People who know what that ticket is can be very excited,” Feige said. “And for those who don’t yet know what that ticket is, I can’t wait for them to see this movie, be blown away by it, and go, ‘What else has he done? ’, and the filmography engrossed in Sam Raimi – one of the best ever.”

Michael Waldron, who served as lead writer bottle gourd and wrote the screenplay for the next outing of Doctor Strange, talked about the film and working with Sam Raimi friends from work. “[Going into the horror world is] Obviously something that the director of the first film, Scott Derrickson, did so well…obviously the effect, you feel it at first,” Waldron told Friends From Work. “It’s not a horror movie though. , yet it is this kind of panic. It’s part of what makes that movie work so well. That’s cool, I’m glad maybe there was a chance to push [the sequel] In a scary direction. Just because Sam does it so well.”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters in March 2022. This news has come on

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