Doctor Sleep Director Is Keen on Making a Standalone Clayface Movie

Horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan wants to make a standalone film about the Batman villain Clayface, a film he would design as a “horror / thriller / tragedy”. Healing is known for its horror fans Sleep doctorIs a sequel to Glazed, Falagan has also directed genre titles such as Oculus, Keep quiet, Gerald’s game, And Ouija: Origin of Evil. He also produced the hit Netflix Ghost Series Hill House Den And its follow-up series Belly manner.

Mike flangen Horror is working just fine in the genre, but if he gets a chance to pursue a comic book adaptation, there are some characters he already has. On Twitter, a DC fan account asked Falagan what character or team he would like to make a film about if he could choose anyone from the DC universe. Along with the Man of Steel, Flagon also eagerly chose the popular villain Batman: The Animated Series. From tweet:

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“I’ve wanted to do a Superman film since I was a kid, but I’m really inclined to do a standalone clayface movie as a horror / thriller / tragedy.”

The idea of ​​making standalone films about comic book observers has since grown in popularity. Joker Was released in 2019. Directed by Todd Phillips and starring as the Crown Prince of Crime by Joaquin Phoenix, the film shattered the box office record when it premiered, despite concerns that it would not do well without Batman’s main character. Success of Joker Certainly opens the door for Warner Bros. to consider the discovery of other DC observers in standalone films, and Clayface is certainly one of the most interesting candidates.

The original story of Clayface has come with various iterations from many different mediums, ranging from original comic books to modern video games. Typically, he is the ego of B-list film actor Basil Carlo, though popular Batman: The Animated Series In the episode “Clay’s Freak,” he is an actor named Matt Hagen. Many others have also taken the moniker to different comic book timelines. What they usually seem to do is to have bodies like clay with shape-type abilities, a talent that would allow them to disguise themselves as other people or even inanimate objects is.

Clayface’s live-action journey is yet to be featured on the big screen in the Batman film. Basil Carlo version appeared in the Presil series Gotham On Fox, played by Brian McManamon, was introduced as a dead actor brought back from the dead with Newfound Superpower. Hell boy Actor Ron Pearlman also voiced Matt Hagen Batman: The Animated Series. Meanwhile, Kate Mickusi did voice work for the Lego version of Tulsi Carlo Lego batman movie. Dave Butista plays Clayface if the film ever happens, so he’s probably one of the first line the project is ever considered.

What’s next for Flanagan, the filmmaker is working on another horror series at Netflix. Dub midnight MassThe show follows an isolated island community that experiences miraculous and horrifying events after a mysterious priest arrives in the city. A release date has not yet been set by the dreamer. We get this news Mike Flanagan on Twitter.

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