DMX’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Steals Tribute Show with Rap to Honor Her Late Father

The legacy of the late rapper DMX still continues, as his 8-year-old daughter is already following in her father’s footsteps. Before his passing, DMX was scheduled to perform at the Wildcatter Salon in Katie, Texas, over the weekend. After his death, the venue decided to host a tribute show to the hip hop legend on the day he was due to arrive, with special guests paying tribute to DMX.

At the event, DMX’s daughter, Sonova Hillman Jr., appeared to personally help honor her late father. Walking on the mic, Sonova performed some of DMX’s hits, such as the “Rough Riders Anthem”, as the crowd cheered on her. It is remarkable to watch as a fan of the rapper who will surely be very proud. Footage from the performance has been shared on an Instagram page of Sonova, who is referring to herself as JRX. You can watch the video below.

The Rough Riders were also represented on stage that night, as drag-ons hopped on the mic as well as at the end of the tribute show. DMX’s fiancé, Desiree, and their son, Exodus, were also in attendance, as was Sonova’s mother. The family thanked the fans for their prayers and support.

In another Instagram post, Sonova thanked the venue for her first concert, writing: “Thank you so much @wildcatter_saloon I will never forget to give you the opportunity. My first concert, forever grateful, many thanks and Justin Shout out to John, Carmen, and Scott. I’m coming back when I grow it up. I promise.”

One of the most famous rappers of all time, dmx Has sold over 74 million records worldwide. Along with “Rough Riders Anthem”, some of his other big hits include “Party Up (Up in Here),” “X Gon’ Give It to Ya,” and “Where’s the Hood at?” Are included. In early April, the rapper suffered a heart attack and was put on life support in critical condition. He never recovered and died the following week at the age of 50.

Just a day before DMX’s death was announced, Sonova shared another photo on Instagram standing in the same spot where her father had taken a similar photo years ago. In the caption, she says, “We took this picture at the same place. I am following in your footsteps. I love you dad.”

Earlier, Sonova had also performed at a memorial service for her father. Per Blavity, he put a spin on DMX’s single “Slippin'” by adding new words to the song after his demise.

“They taught me to be strong, but it’s okay to be afraid / ‘Cause sometimes it’ll show you how to be brave / I never give up, I give it my all / Cause I know I’m bigger, even if Hey I’m mini/Seeing my daddy’s picture on the wall…my brothers and sisters, we all stand together/Throw the X, daddy forever,” rap 8-year-old.

It all goes to show how much DMX is loved and remembered by those who knew him. His legacy is clearly shining very brightly, and it looks like the young “JRX” will help ensure that. The video for Sonova’s “Rough Riders Anthem” comes to us on Instagram from @Sonovah_Junior.

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