DMX Loved Watching The Golden Girls On Set with Gabrielle Union

Earl “DMX” Simmons continues to share his favorite memories of the late rapper and actor on social media as fans and colleagues, a clip touching his apparent love The golden girls Has gone viral. The information stems from a 2017 interview with Gabriel Union, who worked with DMX on the Jet Lee action film Cradle 2 Graves in 2003. Powered by Sean Evans from the YouTube show Hot onionThe interview clip was shared by First We Fest shortly after DMX’s untimely death.

“Did you know that DMX loved The golden girlsThe This is a real fun fact, “Union says in the clip, stating that the rapper-actor spent a lot of time on set to watch the show in his trailer. As Union points out, everyone else on the set followed DMX Afraid to approach DMX. A “dog bite incident” with PA. Eventually, Union became the one to bring DMX when needed, and he would usually get to drink and watch classic sitcoms.

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Imitating DMX, Union said the rapper would tell him: “Yo, drink! Watch.” The golden girls! This sh * t is funny. “

“We’ll have a Heineken, and sometimes a little crown, and we’ll see The golden girls. And he laughs hysterically, ” Gabriel Union Added.

DMX died at the age of 50 on Friday after a reported drug overdose and a subsequent heart attack. The iconic rapper was one of many condolences, the first to post a heartfelt message on Twitter in memory. In the somber tweet, Union wrote: “No word yet. Nothing but love, prayer and protection for X’s family, friends and fans. The loss is devastating.”

“The earl was a warrior who fought until the very end,” also read a statement from the family. “He loved his family wholeheartedly and we cherish the time he spent with him. Earl’s music inspired countless fans around the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever.”

DMX was not alone with his love for the show, as The golden girls One of the most loved sitcoms of all time. Produced by Susan Harris, the classic comedy series won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series twice during its seven seasons, with each of four Emmys winning their own for acting. The series has been a popular watch with streaming of Hulu and Disney + and customers are thrilled that the show is coming into service later this summer.

After four mature women sharing a house in Miami, The golden girls B. Arthur as Dorothy Zorbnak, Betty White as Rose Nilund, Roo McCallan as Blanche DeVero and Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo. The series had a plethora of guest acts such as Leslie Nielsen, Alex Trebek, Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Sonny Bono, Mario Lopez, George Clooney, and even Quentin Tarantino, along with dance guests Elvis.

RIP DMX. Speaking of DMX, Union clips and The golden girls Comes to us from First We Fest on Twitter.

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