DBS, SIA, OCBC, UOB, SGX Dividend Payout Date and Time

Check the details about the Dividend Payout Date 2024: DBS, SIA, OCBC, UOB, SGX Dividend Payout Date and Time here. If you run a company or are planning to have one in the future, you should know about the regulations of the dividend policy in Singapore. For your ease, we have shared the details about the Dividend Payout Date in this article

Dividend Payout Date 2024

The Dividend Payout is the portion of the profit that the company shares with shareholders and investors. The token of reward is for the shareholders to invest in the company. The process of the program was implemented to have faith and a promising environment between the stakeholders and the employees in the serving company.

This is for your reference that all dividends are not taxable meaning that the entire amount can be utilised for your convenience. The tax rates of the divided are categorized into two categories, and the possibility for the taxable amount is based on the profit margin of the company. On the contrary, the taxable dividends include foreign dividends. The profit shared by the co-operatives, the dividends from the real estate and many others. The dates for the payout of the dividends are discrete based on the category.

DBS Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The DBS has increased the shares for the final quarter by 53 per cent. The company has also decided to release bonus shares for the investors who have been part of the company for for than 10 years. In the previous fiscal year, S$10.3 billion were the profits. The financial reports have observed that in comparison to 2022, the benefits were around 26%. Moreover, the company has increased the dividend share by S$0.54 for the fourth quarter and S$0.48 in the third quarter.

Dividend Payout Date

The DBS remains Confident in its share for the next term with an equity of 15 to 17 per cent in 2024. The company also has strong capital with a CET-1 ratio of 14.6 per cent. The firm raised the dividend share due to the string return of equity of 18 per cent in 2023. the payout date for the following quarters has been listed in the below table

Description Announced Date Expected Date Payment date Amount
4Q Final Dividend 7 Feb 5 April 19th April 54 one tier
3Q Dividend 6 Nov 14 Nov 27th Nov 48 one tier
2Q Dividend 3rd Aug 11th Aug 27th Aug 48 one tier
1Q Dividend 2nd May 9th May 22nd May 42 one tier

SIA Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

Singapore Airlines Limited recently announced the increase and the release of the dividend payouts. The dividends will be paid with a $S0.50 per cent increase in profit with an additional bonus to the shareholders. As of today, SIA holds a dividend price of 5.84% with 12 months of trailing dividends. Over the past few years the rate of dividend was -22.00 %. But this amount has been increased to $S0.50% in the final quarter, and the amount is expected to be the same for the next 12 months.

The last payment for the dividend share was held on 12th December 2023. the first payment of this wyare was expected to be released on 8th January 2024.

OCBC Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation is the major part of the financial market. The bank has been ruling the investment market for over the years. The dividend rate of the bank has been at its peak from its initial days. The current dividend amount is 6.18 per cent. The total assets of the bank, including the trustee, global banking, financial banking, and many others, is around $S151 billion.

OCBC Dividend

The above picture shows the expected date and the current date and time of the dividend payout. It also includes the history of the payout dates for the last few years.

UOB Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The United Oversee Bank has marked a profit rate of 20.90 USD. According to the recent Data, the company has shared the dividend amount of $S1.19 for February 2024. The current stock price of the dividend is 5.69 per cent. The bank sees an increase in the divide every 3 years. For the last decade, the company has raised the dividend by 9.61 per cent annually.

UOB Dividend Payout

The above image shows the schedule of the dividend for this year. The image also includes the history of the scheduled dividends.

SGX Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The Singapore exchange divided is paying the company with a yield of 3.71 per cent. The average earning for the divide per share is marked at S$0.53. The average for the last quarter was marked at 4.1 per cent. Whereas the payout ratio of the company is 63 per cent.

SGX Dividend Payout Date and Time

The above image shows the data of the schedule of the next dividend payout and the last period. It also includes the key information about the dividend.


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