Disney’s Yellow Submarine Footage Leaks, Revealing Robert Zemeckis’ Canceled Beatles Remake

A recent Tik Tok video showed never-before-seen footage from the canceled Yellow Submarine remake that was being produced by Disney. The film may have combined motion-capture technology to create a more modern version of the classic animated film. The TikTok video was released by user @asart.space, who also distributed it on YouTube.

The video shows an unfinished version of the motion-capture animation. The video is only 20 seconds long and opens with a scene of The Beatles talking over them with their animated counterparts for comparison. The second segment sees an animated version of The Beatles performing, with a lone guitarist wearing a motion-capture suit below. The animation looks rough as it was in the early stages, but it gives a glimpse of what the Beatles Maybe in this version it looks like that.

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for the unknown, yellow Submarine is a 1968 animated film. The film was praised for its trippy animation after unfolding in the middle of the psychedelic pop culture era of the 1960s. It’s very colorful, creative, and has some quirky imagery that works well to illustrate the Beatles’ musical style.

The film centers around Pepperland, a merry, music-loving paradise that is overtaken by the Blue Meanies, a group of music-hating villains who take all the color and joy from Pepperland. This leads The Beatles (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison) on a musical journey as they return to Pepperland to defeat the Blue Meanies and bring the music back to Pepperland. The band’s music in Yellow Submarine has a great soundtrack that includes a lot of mind-bending imagery.

yellow Submarine An animated film whose impact can still be seen today. The film received good reviews from both fans and critics and still holds a 95% share on Rotten Tomatoes.

The remake would have been a collaborative effort between Disney and Imagemovers Digital, a film studio formed by Disney and Robert Zemeckis’s Imagemovers Studios. Unfortunately, Imagemovers Digital turned out to be a failed project for both Zemeckis and Disney.

Robert Zemeckis Directed two popular motion-capture animated films, polar express and beowulf, prior to the formation of ImageMovers Digital in 2007. The first film released by ImageMovers Digital was A Christmas Carol, a motion-capture animated version of the classic novel by Charles Dickens, starring Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge. The film did very well at the box office. However, due to its high production and marketing budget, it cost Disney $50–$100 million. It wasn’t even the biggest hit with critics.

Soon after, Disney announced the closure of Imagemovers Digital in 2010, ending production shortly thereafter. Mars needs mothers. Mars needs mothers Ended as a catastrophic failure at the box-office, forcing Disney to pull the plug on other projects involving Imagemovers Digital. These projects include Calling All Robots, pliersMILF sequel who Framed Roger Rabbit, And this yellow Submarine remake.

a modern remake of yellow Submarine This would be a great way to introduce The Beatles’ music to the younger generation. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check out the psychedelic masterpiece that’s original, especially if you’re a Beatles fanatic.

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