Disney’s Mulan Release Date Gets Delayed Yet Again

Disney’s Mulan Release Date Gets Delayed Yet Again

Disney’s Mulan The remake has been pushed back again, erasing any hopes of the summer film season. The live-action blockbuster was originally scheduled to arrive in March, but theater closures forced the studio to push into July. Now, as public health concerns once again air, the film is hitting several weeks until the end of August.

Mulan It was scheduled to arrive on 24 July. Were it put on that date, it would be the first new blockbuster to hit theaters when it reopened next month. Instead, it will now arrive on August 21. However, as we have seen, these dates are quite temporary and can change again depending on what happens in the coming weeks. Disney co-president and chief creative officer Alan Horn and co-chairman Alan Bergman said this in a joint statement.

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“whereas [situation] Our release plans for ‘Mullan’ have been changed and we will remain flexible as conditions require, this has not changed the power of this film and our belief of hope and perseverance. Director Nikki Karo and our cast and crew have created a beautiful, epic and moving film that should be everything the cinematic experience is, and this is where we believe it is on the world stage and on the big screen Is for the audience to enjoy. Together.”

No matter how much the release has been pushed back, it is unlikely that Mulan will leave theaters in favor of a streaming debut, whether through a premium VOD or a straightforward Disney + release. The remake comes with a budget of $ 200 million. Even if movies like this Troll world tour While theater closures have been a success on PVOD, it would be nearly impossible for Disney to remodel a budget of that size without a significant global box office.

Warner Bros. similarly pushed Christopher Nolan back theory recently. Both films are in the race to become the first blockbusters to make a comeback on the big screen. theoryCurrently, August 12 is scheduled. A pair of short films are still on deck to debut as Russell Bollywood in July unhinged, As well as Broken Hearts Gallery, A rom-com produced by Selena Gomez.

AMC, Regal and Cinemark will all open their doors in July. This closure, which has been going on for months, has made the performance aspect of the film business particularly difficult. They would initially be showing some tried-and-true classics to eat and get meat on the seats. But big releases like Mulan Continued success in reopening will be critical. In the meantime, drive-in theaters are being held in the U.S. In continues to move forward at the box office as they have seen some impressive revivals that would be difficult to predict a few months ago. As the situation develops, we will be sure to keep you posted. This news was previously reported by Variety.

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