Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise Ride Removes Insensitive Scenes Ahead of The Rock’s Movie

Disney has removed “racist” depictions of indigenous people from Jungle Cruise Take a ride at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. After being closed for more than a year, Disneyland finally reopened on April 30, 2021. During that time, Disney did a lot of work in the park, including bringing new upgrades to Jungle Cruise.

Many of these changes to the iconic Disneyland ride include the removal of tribal dancers, a group of spear-throwing tribesmen who “attack” the boat, and the Trader Sam character who appeared at the end of the ride selling shrunken heads. At the end of the ride is now the Trader Sam’s gift shop, an empty stall displaying products for sale. Other new additions include updated animatronics and a boat that has been taken over by a group of mischievous chimpanzees.

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The new version of the ride will open on July 16. Disney says these new changes will “reflect and value the diversity of the world around us.”

Chris Beatty, Disney’s Imagineering Creative Portfolio Executive, said in a statement: “This isn’t a re-imagining of the whole attraction. It’s the jungle cruise you know and love, with the slippers still on the move, as well. We are addressing negative portrayals of natives.”

“We are constantly evaluating ways to enhance the attractions and experiences in our parks. We want to make sure everyone is having the best time – that guests around the world can connect with the stories we share And how we bring them to life is respectful to the diverse world we live in.”

Online videos showcase these new changes and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. The slippers continue to make the same jokes, the back of the water steals the spotlight, and many of Jungle Cruise’s highlights remain in the ride. Similar changes are also coming to the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park in Florida.

These changes were not made to address older depictions previously by Disney Parks. In 2018, Disney Parks updated the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The famous bridal auction scene was renewed by turning the character of Redd, who was initially being sold, into a pirate who is selling rum. The audio was also changed so that the pirates no longer chant “we want redheads”.

Disney also recently announced in June 2020 that changes are coming to Splash Mountain. The popular attraction featuring the song “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” would be recreated for the 2009 film the Princess and the Frog. Splash Mountain has been under criticism for some time now Because of its connection to the Song of the South. song of the south An incredibly controversial 1946 Disney film because of its racial stereotypes and problematic themes. It’s so controversial that Disney has completely hidden it in its vault, even keeping it away from Disney+’s extensive library.

Guests in the new ride will join Tiana, Naveen and others on a musical journey set after the events of the film. There’s no official confirmation yet on when these changes will come to Splash Mountain as the ride is still running in its original format at both parks.

Disneyland guests may soon see a number of changes to the Jungle Cruise. These changes come just in time for the release of the Jungle Cruise film starring Emily Blunt dwayne johnson. Jungle Cruise Arrives in theaters and on Disney+ Premiere Access on July 30.

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