Disney+ Hotstar announces slate of short-format shows, Shreyas Talpade, Poonam Dhillon, Vikram Singh Chauhan to play leads

After a series of original shows and Bollywood biggies, Disney + Hotstar announced the show ‘Snackable’. These short-form shows will premiere on 7 May, with a single release every day.

Here is the list of new shows coming soon on Disney + Hotstar:

Thirty six aura mena

Starring Sandeepa Dhar and Vikram Singh Chauhan, the show is a forceful love story of two people who are like chalk and paneer. Located in a town called Dhopopur with the quaint town, but still the queen follows Queen Angel aka Maina, the lead dancer of Dance Troops Explosive Angels, who come to the city for the wedding season. There, he runs away with thirty-six good boys from the neighborhood. While they find love and solitude in each other, the contrary intentions of thirty-six father Mahek Singh will spoil their plans.


Six artists, including Mandira Bedi, Nauheed Sirusi, Deepanita Sharma and Sid Makkar, claimed the ensemble. The thriller revolves around a successful businessman Kashish Sura, who is murdered on New Year’s Eve. As the murder mystery unravels, the investigation authorities, led by Ruhana Dhulap, find six threads in the case i.e. six women from Kashish, who are unaware of each other’s existence. On the fateful night, they all met him, but who killed him? Well, to know the answer you have to watch the show.

Talking about the series, Mandira Bedi said in a statement, “The genre of murder mystery is very close to my heart. I loved the screenplay for the first time, and I really moved into the show and the character. The series is so fast-paced and nerve-racking that it will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the end. I had to play a serious role as an investigating officer, something I was prepared to do. I can say for sure that you have seen everyone until you find out what you do.

Mukesh Jasu

Mukesh Jaso is directed by Rahul Bagga, Ruchi Malviya, Rajeshwari Sachdev as well as star-star Poonam Dhillon. The series revolves around the life of Mukesh Jha, a lawyer who lives with his mother-in-law after leaving his cousin with his wife. The bizarre story will tell the story of Mukesh who decides to become a detective but ends up in the middle of a horrific case.

Mukesh Jasso portrayed Rahul Bagga in the titular role. (Photo: PR)

Murder my darling

Sonal Arora (Barkha Singh) is a courageous fugitive thief bride who finds herself trapped in a fake marriage with ACP Aditya (Tanuj Virwani), the top homosexuality investigator in the Bhopal Police. A twist of fate gives him a chance to experience the other side of the law, which involves solving murder mysteries. Meanwhile, ACP Aditya is stuck between a rock and a hard place, even his boss and co-workers are very keen to catch the biggest thief in his area aka “Looter Bride”.

Our bar happy hour

In the role of Shantanu Anam, Pranay Manchandana, Manik Papaneja and Kriti Vij, Hamara Bar Happy Hour presents the story of a group of friends who have inherited a run-down bar in Mumbai. Comics chaos follows, as they struggle to run a business they have no clue about.

Kishore do panch

Starring Shreyas Talpade and Bidita Bag, Teen Do Panch presents the story of Vishal and Priyanka, a young couple who cannot conceive and thus decide to adopt. The fun begins when they are won over not by one child but by three siblings and eventually adopt them all. Life becomes a roller coaster for Vishal, who is still weak from the responsibility he has taken. Niyati brought a new twist as Priyanka soon finds out that she is pregnant with twins!

Sharing her excitement ahead of the launch, Shreyas Talpade said, “Disney + Hotstar’s bite size for entertainment is extremely convenient with the added benefit of their trademark unconventional stories. Teen Do Panch is a rib-tickling comedy about a young couple who want a child, but end up with five, and I can’t wait to make people laugh for it because there’s no better feeling Is when someone can make people happy. “

Shit, man!

Anything can happen under the influence of a lethal mixture of adrenaline and alcohol. Two young corporate executives perform a stupid stunt that takes them on a weekend-long, hilarious yet hilarious journey through a gang of two dangerous criminals and police. The show featured Sayendeep Sengupta, Sahil Shah, Priyansha Bhardwaj, Rajesh Khera and Vrijesh Chirarji.

Bamini and Boys

Three young boys rent a flat in excess of their budget from an attractive woman living in the same building. As they all fall in love with him, the trio sets out to woo him, often leading to hilarious situations and sometimes harmless rifts in their friendship to their collective crush. The show stars Vidya Malvade, Akashdeep Arora, Rishabh Chaddha and Anuj Pandit.

Vidya Malvade said, “Bamini is a divorced mother of 8 years, who has a glamorous life in the entertainment industry. Three innocent young boys barged into the same building, which resulted in them being watched carefully. Bamini & Boys is a fun snackable show with a funny storyline and lovable characters that will definitely remind viewers of their crush! “

Bamini Boys stars Vidya Malvade in the lead role. (Photo: PR)

Crime next door

Featuring Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Kapoor, Rajendra Gupta, Girish Kulkarni and Anupriya Goenka, this entertaining crime thriller focuses on a police officer as he solves some of the most heinous and difficult murder cases. Not only are these cases hard to crack, but there are also many shocking revelations, including the exact reason why they were committed.

Bhopal to Vegas

Ahan Nirban, the three friends, played by Sonia Balani and Arun Sharma, come together to arrange secret bachelorette parties in small towns in India, just like it happens in movies.

Ankahi, Ansuni: Jhagi Files

Outrageous, marked as an eccentric genius and the youngest inspector in UP police history, posting in a fictional sleepy town of ‘Jhagi’, which is infamous for unsolved crimes and mysterious scenes. Along with Piare, Madhuri, an opinionated young child with enlarged olfactory senses, an honest yet undeclared female constable, loud, superstitious police Balarama and mysterious Barkha – a woman with many wolves, Umesh encounters villainous schemer and sociopathic people is. Mastery skills and instincts are pushed to their limits. The show stars Paresh Pahuja and Vibha Anand in the lead roles.

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