Disgraced Wrestlers Go on a Murder Spree

Disgraced Wrestlers Go on a Murder Spree

Wrestling horror films are on their way to becoming a niche sub-genre. Just last week we learned this WrestleMassacre DVD and digital streaming were coming this summer. Now, we have the word Parts unknown It will be here before the end of July, and it is sure to give WWE fans some thrills and excitement away from the now empty wrestling arena. Today, we have the first trailer and poster Parts unknown, And it promises to be a wild ride on the way to the ring.

The summer film season is deadly for all. We are getting three films this August, including theory, Mulan And Bill and Ted Face the Music. Also, horror fans have actually had to scramble to find something new. WildEye is working hard to fill the release gap. And they are also responsible for leaving WrestleMassacre On our bloodhead. Now the ultimate lethal wrestler comes the perfect companion for the double feature. The official press release from the WildEye release stated the following.

“The wrestling world meets the bloody battlefields of terror this July Parts unknown. Having lost their livelihood, a mad family of disgraced professional wrestlers set out to fulfill a deal made with a demonic entity from another dimension of murder and genocide. “

William Dekoff, Alexandra Cipolla, and Sarah Mitchell star in a Richard Chandler film! Parts unknown Body Slam on DVD and Digital on July 7 from WildEye release. Sarah Mitchell, who plays Kitty Von Strasser in the film, should not be confused with Sarah Michelle Geller, who has made a name for herself in horror with such classics Vampire slayer, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Scooby Doo And two grudge films.

Another scream with Sarah Michelle Geller on her way to crown the queen has already appeared in such a terrifying scene Night of naked dead, Gilgamesh, Chainsaw violence from hell And Catch of the Day 2: You Die At Dawn.

WildEye Releases Releases New Trailer Parts unknown, Which comes with several stills from the film. However, must accept WrestleMassacre Winning the sheer title alone. although Parts unknown There might be a better wrestling horror film to catch this summer. Both body-slamming are good times not to be missed. Especially if you are jonesing for a WWE or horror fix that is not currently available elsewhere.

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