Discuss the future of connected fitness with Mirror’s Brynn Putnam at Disrupt 2021 – TechCrunch

Discuss the future of connected fitness with Mirror’s Brynn Putnam at Disrupt 2021 – ClearTips

The global epidemic created some industries and completely destroyed others. The world of connected fitness comes strongly in the East. Along with top names such as the Peloton, Mirror had a banner year, most notably, involving sportswear company Lululemon’s acquisition of the brand in June for $ 500 million.

This is an impressive number for the five-year-old company, which sneaked into ClearTips Disrupt in 2018. Three years later, CEO Brian Putnam will return to the phase of dissolution on September 21–23 to chart how the company grew from one. Small-scale startup as one of the leading names in the home fitness industry, which saw a huge boom in the past year and a half.

A former ballerina and founder of the New York fitness chain Refine Method, Putnam’s career has been a fascinating one up to and including her time in the mirror. We will discuss how the company embraced the connected fitness boom, why the timing was right for the acquisition and what the outlook for the industry would look like going forward.

Stay at home order has had a profound impact on the way we fit, which is why many gym goers adopt high-tech, homely methods. Is this the beginning of a sea change for the way the world works? Or will the return of normal lead buyers dust off their gym membership? Find out on TC Interrupt her September and get your tickets for a limited time for less than $ 99!

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